Survival vs ethics?

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    Even though I have a bug out plan( sort of), anything short of a localized catastrophe I plan on riding out most SHTF scenarios at home.
    One of the things I plan on getting is a fireman's pike. Useful for prying open closed doors, poking holes in walls/roofs, and could be used as a weapon.
    Now the question of ethics. In a scenario where most people have left their homes and won't be returning for some time, would it be ethical to access their property for personal survival?
    I'm thinking of a scenario kind of like a Katrina/Hugo type hurricane, or massive earthquake, where there would be loss of services for weeks or even longer. Not talking about looting or taking for personal gain, but to obtain supplies necessary to survive.
    Who would or wouldn't ?
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    OK, so you're talking strictly accessing "abandon" property to aid in your own survival. right? Not committing murder to take someone's stash. IMHO, abandon property is free game, especially if it means my family's survival. So, guess my answer would be "Heck yeah!"

  3. What you are talking about is called looting. If I happened to have not left and seen someone doing what you are writing about, I'd take proper action to stop it.

    Now if one was to do what you write of, the only way to do it without it being stealing would be to keep accurate records of what and where one took things. Then VERY PROMPTLY pay those you took it from when they return.
  4. talon

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    If its my house and NOT abandoned, ill have a firemans pike, and you're house will be looted as it would now be abandoned, albeit by death not choice.
  5. Abandoned property.Somebodys Home.You just never know who or what's inside.If it ain't yours,don't take it.
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    No, not talking about killing anyone nor accessing occupied dwellings, and only taking what would be necessary. Example, you and a few others have survived a natural disaster and have grouped together to search for items necessary for survival. Your stash isn't enough to last the time period estimated for help to arrive. Would you enter a home that the owners left to search for supplies? Maybe there is something that you haven't stocked up on or used faster than expected.
    Again only talking about homes that are temporaly abandoned.
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    If you were seen by one of several neighbors trying to enter my house under your conditions you would likely be shot dead right there and then.
  8. There ain't no temporary.Again,if it ain't yours,don't take it.But starvation will overwhelm a person.Hope I'm around to help somebody.
    If not,I'll leave a fishing pole.My JHP and a bullet.
    Now go eat.
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    If it belongs to someone else, and you take it, without their permission, you are stealing! Period! It does not belong to you regardless of the situation!
  10. FlashBang

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    Feed your starving kids your ethics and see how long it fills their belly. :rolleyes:

  11. A better plan would be to stock in the 1st place. For a natural disaster it's only a few weeks or so of supplies at the most. One can do that for $50 or less. And for food it is no cost, if one just rotates thru their normal supply of it.

    For example: I keep a 3-6 month supply of coffee on hand. When I'm down to 3 month supply I buy another 3 month supply of it.

    But I will say that it might be some what natural in the area of food for me. I like eat the same thing on a given day every week. Say like, spaghetti very Tuesday and baked beans every Thursday. A normal living plan makes it easy to plan for problems.

    I wouldn't want to enter a house. I'm not the only person who knows Mr. Armstrong, A. C. Moore(middle name Clay) and friends.
  12. :rolleyes:f
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    Property lost can be replaced, lives lost cannot. If you had to loot the stores and clinics for food and medicine just to live, you can apologize and pay compensation afterwards.

    As gun owners we must realize that the line between being an asset or liability to society can be pretty thin. We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard. If you took someone's property for survival, be honest about it and either return the property or pay for it.
  14. moona11

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    You really don't want to see what would happen in this situation.
  15. SWAGA

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    But I'm talking food items and clothing from abandoned locations.
    Fuel also.
    But that's for survival purposes.
    Anything else is looting.
    But if you break into an 'abandoned' house and you get shot.....well.....that's a chance you'll have to take.
    I'd start out by trying to get survivors together and looking for more survivors.
    Sharing of resources would be the honorable thing to do.
  16. Hermitt

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    If someone abandoned a house to go look for supplies, I very much doubt that you'd find anything worth taking in that house anyways.
  17. OldOutlaw

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    Moonz just summed it up perfectly! You said kinda like Katrina.
    Well, if you studied what went on there, you would find out only a small portion of how bad it really was. Local Law Enforcement quickly broke down and some precincts
    just disappeared from the streets. I can tell you it was dog eat dog 48 hours after the storm. All humanity basically ceased to exist no matter what the media ever reported.
    A man should never have to witness some of what my unit saw there for weeks.
  18. Tracker

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    Like SWAGA said,trying to get everyone together is a good idea. Safety in numbers also. If my wife and kids are hungry,and it's abandon,I'm go'n in.
  19. moona11

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    If it's me trying to feed my kids. Guess what if ya have to guess it's to late.
  20. Think1st

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    Guess what? If it's a natural disaster scenario, then the property is not abandoned, and the owners will have probably been involuntarily or voluntarily evacuated. If it's the first scenario, then you legally shouldn't even be there, and you would be a looter. If it's the second scenario, then that is your personal failure to either leave when you should have or to have enough supplies stored after deciding to stay.

    If you put yourself and your family in a situation where you have to loot, then you are a failure as the head of the household, and you are scum for making some other property owner foot the bill for your irresponsibility. Either save enough supplies to feed your family, or go stand in the FEMA line with the other idiots who also didn't. Thievery is unacceptable.

    By the way, prepping is about saving your soul. You give away a piece of it when you steal, even if it is just to feed your obnoxious kids (the kids of someone taking food from mouths of someone else's kids are obnoxious kids, by default) because you were a stinking grasshopper instead of a responsible ant.