Survived Black Friday... with only one fight with grandma...

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  1. Well I swore I wasn't going this year. I swore it wasn't going to happen. Well the wife doesn't know anyone here and I wasn't going to send her out alone at 4 am. So I went shopping this year, left at 4 AM and man was it sheer madness. People revert to a childlike state where they have no manners and push each other out of the way. Had a lady try to pull a TV out of my hands. Well it was 5 am, I had just stood outside for an hour in the freezing cold, and put up with stupid people for an hour already. So I tightened my grip but she persisted and actually looked at me in the eyes with a mean look. Well I gave in and decided to be uncivil since she was trying to take something out of my hands. I looked at her right back and "%$#^#, get the $%^# off" then yanked the box away and called her some colorful names. What makes people think they can behave like this? Well on the good side of thing, I got a full terabite of storage for real cheap, about $180.00 in the form of two western digital external drives. And, as I mentioned, I got a nice LCD TV with a crazy amount of inputer, even pc monitor, for the bedroom for less then 200. All in all we spent way more then we wanted, but got alot of good stuff.
  2. Better you than me, wild horses could not get me to one of those sales LOL

    I am glad you reminded granny that she needs to have manners too!

    My 90 year old aunt has a great story about a store that got in some silk stockings during WW2 and the women fighting in the ailes like drunken sailors over them :lol:

  3. Shopping here was MUCH better then it was in El Paso. People there acted worse then these guys anyday. There was alot of laughing and joking outside in the morning.
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    I went to dicks sporting to get some ammo, people were knocking each other over. one lady got knocked down and stepped on,so i just sat in my car for about 1/2 hour then strolled in. looked like a riot just happened in there,shelves where on the floor,racks over turned. then i calmly walked to the side, got my stuff and left. I heard on the radio in the car a few people got trampled at walmart. good thing i didn't have to go there
  5. I hate shopping under normal circumstances. Overall, I'd rather spend an afternoon in a room full of die-hard hipoint bashers than shopping. :wink:

    I plan to do most of my shoping online.
  6. My Black Friday started at 9:30 and ended at 9:45. Went to Wally world and got a parking place up front. When I walked in, the check out clerks were just standing around. Walked back to Electronics and picked up the Garmin Street Pilot, paid and and walked out.

    Gee I love Black Friday

    in a small town!
  7. I'm just glad to get those hard drives. It's about time I got enough storage to set up a server without worrying about storage capacity.
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    Oh man you guys just have to learn how to do this right.... You just got to snap the cap off a can of pepper spray toss it in the store. when It clears you got it all to your self.. :wink:

  9. ROFLOL I knew a guy that did that with a CS grenade (tear gas) to a nudie bar at Manhattan KS (Ft Riley) back in 78 I think. It was great watching all of the topless girls running out.

    I am glad that I am a good person these days :wink:
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  11. my morning was suprisingly civil. I got smart this year and went up to Boone, NC(my college town) which I knew would only have a small % of its normal population there(thanks to no students on break). THANK GOD I DID. I got to staples at 5 am and was maybe 20th in line. I saw a pic of staples here at home...probably 200-250 people(and this is still a small town) vs a total of maybe 75-100 in boone.

    My tally:
    500gb maxtor external hdd(maxtor I know, but since they got bought out by seagate they took on the 5yr warranty)
    two labtech(logitech made btw) keyboard mouse combos(radio shack)
    1gb mp3 player
    4gb flash drive
    2gb flash drive
    photo paper(free)
    universal remote(free)
    soldering iron(cordless)
    5mile walkie talkies
    2.5" hdd enclosure.
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    Ah. Black Friday. Mine consisted of:

    -A total of 15 people "consulted" by local police in the stripmall encompassing the Best Buy, Old Navy and that certain home improvement store I happen to be at for pay
    -A 10 year old kid kicked in the face by a middle aged woman in order to get a 200 dollar laptop next door
    -Catching no less than 40 shoplifters at our store
    -Someone trying to steal an entire chest freezer....and running with it on the cart when someone caught him in the act.
    -12 hours...4 plus on my shift
    -Moving lumber and appliances with a dislocated shoulder
    -12 total employees quitting within one day
    -And one dropped propane cylinder...that was FULL....IN the store.

    Can't wait to do it next year.

    Oh wait. I can wait.

  13. Man I do not envy you, almost as bad as working at Wal Mart as Christmas time :shock:
  14. Hey thay, what you pay for that 500gig? I bought two Western Digital externals for 75-80 each, wanna see if they were cheaper elsewhere.
  15. My Black Friday:

    I went to the local range where I purchased 3 boxes of UMC in 9mm for $5 (The guy selling it purchased 9mm and .45acp at a yard sale for $1 per box. I lost out on the .45 as I was 3rd in line and the only thing left was the 3 boxes of 9mm which I promptly sent down range along with some other 9mm I brought along and some .45 and .22.

    I then went to the local gun shop with 2 other customers in it and bought some cleaning patches, a new rubber coated cleaning kit and some brass jags.
    I then went home and field stripped the guns for a pretty thorough cleaning and I will say that thebrass jags along with some Blue Wonder followed by Hoppes Elite cleaner and a thin coat of Hoppes Elite oil in the barrels made the bores look better than new, those jags really made a difference as they really push the patches into all the grooves.

    After that it was home for a nap and pizza for dinner.
    Phew, What a rough day.
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    I hope you're VERY smug and happy with yourself.


    Because you have made a Buddhist hate you very, very, VERY much.
  17. LMAO!!!! Neo, it'll get better. Sounds rough for you though.

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    My Black Friday was rather quiet. I had to cover a shift at a strip club and only had 2 customers [everyone else was with the wife] They closed at 12:30 AM instead of then usual 4 AM. So my shift was VERY quiet. Sorry NEO not gloating.
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    As lbreevesii Avatar and Mine Thayldt21 Are similar I am not the one that has the 500 gig. LOL

    So I redirect your question to lbreevesii.

    So lbreevesii Taurus wants to know what you paid for that 500gig. LOL
  20. You WORK at a strip club??????? Now I'm jealous too!!!!!! :(