Suspicious Character Ruined my Movie Experience

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by IBCW, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. IBCW

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    Well, the movie was kinda bad anyway (Jupiter Ascending) lol...but I really thought I was going to have to take action against a guy during the movie.
    I normally do not pay much attention to people around me during a movie, but once they get my attention...they have it for the remainder of the movie.
    This guy comes in about twenty minutes after the movie had started. He sits one row and a bit to the right of me and a family member. He is constantly moving, fidgeting in his seat left and right like he is nervous. He even bends down and does something to the bottom of the seat to his right. He is constantly checking his phone...almost like he is waiting on a text or call. I notice he looks around and scopes out everyone in the theater and where they are sitting. When he looks back at me...we make eye contact and he breaks the contact and looks away. Then the noise I hear next really gets my adrenaline flowing...I hear a clicking noise just like the guy is loading a magazine. At this point I am leaning forward in my seat and getting ready to jump on this guy if I see a gun. His behavior has been very abnormal and strange to this point. His phone starts buzzing and he jumps up, hurries down the aisle and leaves the theater. I immediately think he has put an explosive device under the seat he was messing with earlier. We get up and move to the front of the theater just in case...putting some distance between ourselves and the seat in question. After a couple minutes, the guy comes back in and walks up the aisle back to his seat. Now he is behind us and I don't have a good view of what he is doing, but we are closer to the exit. I am thinking of the safety of my family member more than my own.
    The movie ends and we both jump up and exit the theater. Was I being paranoid? Or maybe the guy saw that I was watching him and he changed his plan. Anything ever happen like this to anyone here? Maybe the guy was just crazy and that was his normal behavior , but it sure ruined my movie experience...well that and a crappy movie to begin with. :)
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    Unless there's something you've left out, I don't think it was out of line.

    I think, as you described it, you would have been justified in exiting, asking for a manager, telling the manager that the guy was acting suspicious and that maybe he's trying to tape the movie (that lights a fire under them), and then demanding a replacement ticket.

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    Yeah, I guess you just had to be there to fully understand just how strange this guy was acting.
    Better safe than sorry is kinda my motto. lol
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    I know exactly what you're talking about with people keeping attention at the theatre. We had one guy walk in about fourty minutes late to one movie and just sit down playing on his phone. Ten minutes later another guy walks in and sits next to him. They do a few hand shakes and leave one at a time. Quite obvious what they were up to though.
  5. undeRGRound

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    I don't think you were out of line, but the guy clearly was.

    Should have done what Kirk said, fo-sho!
  6. Many theaters actually have IR security cameras, the one by my house in Minnesota did; you can always go to the front and tell them they should check this guy out.
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    Having situational awareness is a good thing, being paranoid or scared by every odd ball is not. If something is overly odd, follow the exact same steps Security Guards do.. Observe, Detect, Report.

  8. SWAGA

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    ....could have been an employee waiting for his date to finish her shift....

    Could have been a lot of things but he would have had my attention also.
    I would probably have started by throwing popcorn...see what happens.
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    LMAO :cool:
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    Or just jump on him and put him in a neckhold. We in Florida have a lot of effective solutions for pesky people.
  11. SWAGA

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    Somebody would have brought up the popcorn.
    Just a matter of time so it might as well be me ;)
    Seriously these people are the reason that I carry in movie theaters ever since the Colorado Batman shooting.

    But then again it could have a very benign reason.
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    But isn't there a SIGN stating no firearms? That means you can't do that!

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  13. He is a liberal, that means rules are for the other guy.:p

    Ducks and runs...
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    My rule for theaters...don't start throwin' popcorn, won't be nothin'...:cool:

    That is pretty odd stuff.
  15. moona11

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    Only if that's the law and the sign most meet certain rules. Here the signs are meaningless. They are not enforceable. Love ND. :p
  16. Outlaw

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    The dude also might have just been on crack or something and all jumpy. I have seen these people. But, nonetheless you were right by observing him. When he came back I definitely would have alerted management. That Aurora incident was just 8 miles from me and one of my acquaintances family members was wounded in that fiasco. Yes, this sh*t can get real close real quick. Out of several theaters in the area, that was the only one with a no firearms poster on the door. Who'd a thunk? Be diligent, Be prepared.
  17. monsterdawg

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    That was my point, lol. Shot at Swaga, the resident liberal, decent as he is! I can't believe he wants to use his judgement rather than the judgement of the corporation that owns the theater. They probably have studies, statistics, and really smart dudes deciding to make the decision to post the sign!

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  18. SWAGA

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  19. cicpup

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    Could be. Or more likely CYA lawyers.
  20. Alright, please ask your family member this: why was he at a midnight showing? I am 26, 27 this month, and even when I was a teenager, I never saw the point of or loved a franchise that much to go in the middle of the damn night. I was and am a massive Chris Kyle/American Sniper fan; I still haven't seen American Sniper despite it being in theaters for a while now. I'll go when I feel like it (or just wait for Blu-Ray). But midnight? For Batman? Drag him on this forum and ask why. :p