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SW Sigma trigger job

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I did this on mine tonight and made a world of difference. While the trigger asm was out of mine I soaked it in some oil and moved the mechanism around about 200 times also, made a world of difference. Trust me if a klutz like me can do it it's easy :) Thought I'd pass this on fellahs.
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I'm going to try this tonight. I hope it works because the gun has worked perfectly but i mainly use it as training aid for new shooters. I tell them if they can shoot a paper plate 25yds they will be able to shoot ANY gun well!
how'd it work out for you? It's not the GREATEST I dun think but I did notice a drop in trigger pull on my sigma so I thought it worth passin on. I know several guys on here that have these.
Cool and all that you did it yourself... but you can send it in for a trigger job done professionally and under warranty for free. Much better in my opinion.
wasn't my vid, it's a 5 minute thing to, didn't even take me 5 minutes to do to mine actually... Sides "free" is still paying for S&H and waiting 6 months to get the gun back what with S&W bein backed up with recalls on their walthers. I'd sooner just pay a gunsmith to do a "real" trigger job on it then send it out imo anyhow just so I won't have to send my gun off for a long time.
Shipping is covered and I had it back in 4 days. I did this about 1 month ago.
Ok cause I had a walthers that got sent in in feb to smith and didn't get back for 6 months. I'll look into that though if they are covering trigger jobs. I just thought this vid was worth passing on to.
it was worth it...thanks for posting it. It took like 3 minutes start to finish and dropped some off. Thanks again
Sigma triggers actually will wear in, and smoothen up with use. I had one years back, the more I fired it, the smoother the trigger became. After 500 rounds, the trigger was as good as my old Sig.

M&Ps are similar, the more you shoot them, the triggers wear in, and smoothen out.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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