SW9VE + Fobus!!!

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    My newest acquisitions... :D
  2. I so gotta get me one of those Fobus holsters for my 9VE.

  3. Are you using yours for cc? I have one and havent decieded if im going to carry mine?
  4. Yes, I am using my Sigma for a carry gun. As of right now, I don't have a holster for it, and just put it in my pocket of my Gore Tex jacket when it's cold out. When it's warm out, I carry my Makarov since I have a Fobus for it.
  5. The Fobus is great for concealment, although not to discrete at the 3 o'clock position. I can effectively draw my pistol (right handed) from the 1-6 o'clock positions and it conceals the best IMO at the 4 and 5 especially when you wear a jacket...good luck
  6. Very nice, what model # is the Fobus?
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    Do you at least have a pocket holster for it? If not, get one! Bad things happen when that trigger well isn't covered! :shock:
  8. No, I actually don't have a holster for it at all at the moment....