swapping optics again !!!!

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    who was i kidding when i installed a 3-9x32 scope on my 995TS ,This scope is just to powerful for a CQB or home defense set up . So with some advise from friends and some recommendations /reviews online i'm looking at a Gen III HD-7 Lucid red dot . These red dots are very good and the optics/glass is very crisp clear and as good as an Eotech

    here's what i'm going to order ..

    gen III HD-7 Lucid red dot



    kill flash lens protector


    2-5x power variable magnifier


    swing away magnifier mount

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    Looks good. I like that you have the ability to click through four available reticles, 'cause you sure wouldn't want a ranging reticle full time on a CQB optic.

    Hope you're doing okay, is the Alta Loma fire affecting you much?

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    I absoloutly love it! Thats what im going for as well, not that pricey but maybe. Around $100. That will look amazing in your set up though brother.
  4. I like the choice of reticules. Don't know why but the single red dot just don't work for me.
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    ive considered the magnifier for my current optic, but just cant justify the price. even though i cant see it from the shooting line, at 75 yards (the maximum distance at my personal range) i can shoot great groups using my centrepoint, but, have to walk to the target to check them out. would be nice to see them from the line.

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    my sightmark #14002 ultrashot pro spec NV QD red dot has the same feature with multiple reticles to choose from .what i like about this Lucid red dot is it is shock tested with a 458 Socom ,Reticle Auto Brightness Sensor with Auto Shut Off after 2 hours and over 1000 hours of battery life

    The Etiwanda Fire has got the sky in my area really hazy from the all the smoke and is really causing issues with my Asthma

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    with my Sightmark red dot and 3x magnifier it was great at short distances but out past 50yrds the 3x magnification actually felt like it was only 2x and trying to hold a tight grouping was pretty hard

    with this adjustable 2-5x power magnifier i should be able to easily see to 100 yards

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    i really like the lens filter that is available for this optic and helps to cut down on glare plus protect the lens

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    Not a problem !!!
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    I went with an armored fixed 4X illuminated mil dot scope...appears adequate for my needs.
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    went to Bass pro and to Turners and both didn't stock the Lucid but could order one but a more expensive price than listed on Amazon.com . while i was there i noticed another really nice Red Dot the Vortex Strike Fire Gen II and i really liked what i saw offered in this optic and it also can get a kill flash diffuser for the lens just like the Lucid does

    This is a newer version of the older Vortex Strike fire and i like the improvements made also i can use my 30mm 3x magnifier with either the Lucid or Vortex

    Vortex Strikefire II ..


    12-hour auto-shutdown feature maximizes battery life. Typical battery life is 300 hours at maximum brightness and 6,000 hours at minimum brightness setting

    Magnification 1 x

    Objective Lens Diameter 30 mm

    Eye Relief Unlimited

    Adjustment Graduation 1/2 MOA

    Travel per Rotation 25 MOA

    Max Elevation Adjustment 100 MOA

    Max Windage Adjustment 100 MOA

    Parallax Setting Parallax Free

    Length 5.6 inches

    Weight 7.2 ounces

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    I have a "killflash" filter for my Aimpoint CompM2.

    While it looks cool, I usually don't have it on the sight. It dims the view and does decrease the sharpness.

    The only flash it kills it the reflection off the front of the lense.

    If I'm using the sight at night with both eyes open, it's not gonna prevent either eye from being blinded by a muzzle flash.

    It does protect the lense, but then so does the lense cover.

    Like one of the posters says below, If I was in a war zone, I'd probably use it to minimize reflections.

    On the other hand, I probably should buy a couple and duct tape them to my glasses so they wouldn't reflect light and give away my position.

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    yep it does flatten out your view thru the lens giving it a foggy appearance but it does protect the lens from damage

    just don't know which optic to buy right now as i really like both and also both of these are copies of either a Trijjicon or Aimpoint which are outstanding quality optics
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    Awhile back people on other forums were complaining about the pushbuttons on the Vortex Strikefire.

    The Strikefire looks good. The added ability to screw in a magnifier is nice.

    Physical copies of high end optics don't necessarily always translate to good quality optics on the clones, however.

    In reality, almost any reflex sight will work well on a 995 carbine. And with the limited range, a lot of magnification isn't really necessary if a person choses a magnifying optic.

    I concur with your original post. What were you thinking when you bolted that scope on a 995?
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    subbing for carbine optic opinions ;)

    thanks USMC_VET!
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    i've got the Gen II version and all the problems with the Gen I have been addressed with the improved Gen II . with the Cantilever mount i'm able to use my slide to side 3x magnifier so i'm good to 50 yards without magnification and with magnification accurate shooting at 100 yards