SWC vs Rn

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  1. After success with my lrn 9mm rounds, i am ready to start doing .45. My question is what is the advantage of semi wad cutters vs round nose bullets? I am just doing general shooting stuff.
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    SWC are inexpensive and great target shooters. They make nice round holes. RN feed great in Semi-Auto's but do not make such a clean hole in the target.

  3. I load my .45 rounds with 230 grain LRN. Just got done loading 100 last night as a matter of fact. They shoot great in my Springfield 1911. My uncle shoots the same setup in some of his full autos, but alternates between LRN, and FMJ when loading his mags. Sorry I don't have any advice on the SMC rounds, but I know what works for me :)
  4. SWC's perform better in revolvers and lever rifles while the LRN's perform better in semi-auto's. I use SWC's and Keith Style Bullets in my .44 revolver and Marlin lever rifle.

    I would stay with LRN's for the .45acp if it were me, thats what I use in my 9mm pistols and 995 Carbine because they feed very well.
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    truncated flat point bullets give you the best of both worlds in one bullet. i got rid of all my RN molds in favor of TFP molds.

  6. Alot of the guys I know shoot the SWC, they use a lighter, fater bullet and claim that the ballistics are better, ie more accurate. The SWC are also better for punching paper as they make a nice round hole. Others that carry their own ammo say that the SWC will have more of a ripping and tearing effect than a RN on a target.

    Me personally, I use 230 gr LRN for practice, 230 gr HP for carry and 230 gr FMJ for SHTF stockpile.
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    For practice I shoot the cheapest bullet I can find. (something close to my carry weight.) Right now they are all RNL both in my 45 and my 9mm.
  8. rn vis swc

    swc are the target bullet but pump it up and it is awsum.
    I load 45acp and 45 colt wirh swc no other my 3 target 45 1911s feed always.and accurate 200 gr swc,XXXX gr bullseye or 700X will keep in X ring at 50yrds
    38 spec wc or swcXXXXgrs of bullseye or 700X does same.I do not load hot and never will. if I want power I have rifles. :D

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  9. I think I am going to roll with round nose, because of the better feeding qualities. Although I am mostly just doing paper punching, I still want the reliability in case of a shtf situation.