Sweet deal on some new FRS radios

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    Well, I scored me some new gear: A pair of Virgin Corp. "Pulse" FRS 14 channel radios. They are practically brand new and the best part....


    They work great! Can get a clear signal from the Theater I work at all the way to my house (about one and a half miles away) with all the urban static on top of that! Seems they sold new for $49.99, but can't beat free. Going to be great to keep for shooting outings and riding. This means I can religate my single Audiovox FRS to the emergency kit.
  2. how'd you pick em up for free? sweet find!

    I was very pleased to get those cheap radio shack ones for 10 bucks on black friday. They stay in my bag or car and my old cobra ones stay in the car 'get me home' bag.

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    They were in the bottom of one of dozens of boxes of crap that has been shoved into every corner of the theater. Being "non-profit", it seems that nobody really cared to actually, oh, I dunno....CLEAN the place! The last TD was popular and she built amazing sets, but man was she a slob! You won't believe the amount of amazing things I've found that nobody knew existed there. These were in a box with a couple of 2006 receipts and covered with a good layer of dust, so I think they were bought or donated by a patron of the theater and never used.

    I asked the Operations Director if these were being used for anything, and he gave a "WTF" look and said he had no idea why they'd use FRS radios when the theater uses a Clear-Com hardwired communications system for shows. So, into the black bag they went!
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    Sorry to hijack but....

    Get your HAM license!

    the test is not that hard and there is no more Morse Code requirement for any license class. Even with just a technician class license on a 2m HT you can do far more than any FRS radio. I knew a guy who from a mobile base station with 50w on 2m talked to someone in Northern Africa! It is an anomaly but it can happen.

    Anyway great job on the find. It was those little FRS radios that got me interested in HAM anyway.
  5. SCORE. i've gotten a few things that way over the years.

    I still need to get my ham license. just haven't had the time.