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Sweet Pepper Relish (pickledilly)

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The sweet pepper harvest was stunning this year. About 18 or 20 plants. They seemed to languish for a loonngg time. Then....boom. Anyway, we picked two and a half bushels. We kept some out for the dehydrator. Also a few to stuff and put in the smoker.
Wife unit has a family recipe for a sweet pepper relish. It's taken us two days, but it's done. 28 pints ......holy shit. This is a lifetimes worth at our age. We've still got beets and jalapenos to deal with. So... how did my friends here fare in the garden this year?
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Does it count if I'm building a hydroponic cloning system along with six 6x6 raised beds that have a built-in metered water/feeding system and a tracked adjustable height LED grow lamp system for my buddy the weed grower?
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