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  1. Well i just got bit by the useless bug. I bought a Raven 25auto for 50$ from a co worker dont really need it but hell for $50 why not right? so lets here it post your useless buys............
  2. Why is it useless? It may save your life someday. :?

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    Not "Useless" per se, but not exactly the best application of a device:

    I purchased a Scorpion Tec-22 about a year ago for $200 if I remember right. It had the 30 round banana clip and threaded barrel. Never actually got around to firing it until I had to sell it to move to Flagstaff to take the job up here. For a .22 it was intriuging device, but not much practical application. Big for a .22 but able to throw a bunch of bullets, it might be useful...somehow...

    I purchased it for personal reasons, and not to truly think of it as a defence wepaon. But it was an interesting application of a .22LR

    But a .25 pistol isn't totally useless. As a short range weapon it can still do plenty of damage. Trust me: Small bullets can oftentimes be worse than large ones.
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    I agree with Neo that small bullets can oftentimes be worse than larger ones. I investigated a home shooting in which a teenage boy accidentally shot @ close, point blank range, in the abdomen, his teenage male friend. The gun was a 22 LR rifle that did serious internal, permanent damage to the friend. While the injuries were not fatal,the shooting victim immediately went down hard and stayed down. I owned a Raven 25 and it was a reliable, cheap,hard hitting pistol, and for some people it may be better than nothing!!
  5. Any bullet is not a good bullet to get hit by. Would I rather get hit by a .25 ACP than a .44 Mag at the same range? Hell yeah, but the fact remains, I would not want to be hit by any of them as far as that goes.

    As far as useless, I payed almost a grand for a 7.62x54R Romak 3 and a nice Russian (actually made in the Ukraine) scope to go with it.

    I live in brush country, and will never need a rifle that can shoot as far as that one can, but I wanted it so its not useless to me ;)
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    How many die (or at least get wounded by) from .22 shots a year in the US? Mathematically speaking, it'd have to be pretty high since the .22 is the most common caliber and thus the most likely to be pointed at somebody (intentionally or not).
  7. Most useless gun I ever bought...

    Well.. not exactlly a gun but an aftermarket kit to conver the 10/22 into a bullpup configuration. Forget the maker of this kit but it was a real cheap piece of junk that never fit right, had terrible sights that made hitting the broad side of a barn pure luck and the trigger bar system had more slack in it than a vintage belt drive ice cream maker. I ended up tossing the whole thing in the trash and putting my wood stock back on the rifle. This was about 20 years ago and it still irks me that someone would sell such junk and I was fool enough to actually buy it.

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    Ive had a raven .25 for years. Not useless by anymeans. I carry it where deep concelament is required, and there is no room for risk of printing.

  9. Just a few of my "useless" pistols. Raven MP-25, Phoenix HP-22A, Bersa Thunder 380/Ash grips. Fun on a budget.



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    The Phoenix and Bersea are actually quite handsome little weapons.
  11. I concur. My brother has a FIE Titan .25 ACP and it's a fun little gun to shoot. Only thing not so great about it is cost of ammo, but it's a gun he keeps in his boat for those crazy situations where a fish gets out of control and decides to take a bite out of his boat. *Shrug* At least he's armed....
  12. I need to clarify by useless i ment for my self. I carry my M&P most of the time however when i need to conceal well i stick my bersa 380 in my pocket. I just thought hell for $50 a little 25 would be neat to have i always wanted a saturday night speacal and its stainless. On gun broker they go for anywere from $50-$100 so i guess i got a good deal i will post pics soon as i get home and take some. The damn little thing is LOUD!
  13. I had one of those Phoenix pistols...biggest piece of crap I ever had...always jammed...they are cool looking though...I pawned mine off on a guntrade.
  14. There was a time when I was dead broke and absolutly lusted for a Raven .25. It had the one absolutly essential quality I needed in a handgun.

    It was cheap.

    And even then, at $29.95 NIB, I couldn't afford one.
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    I actually was in the market for a 22 that neothespian mentioned.
    Cheap pistol that takes ruger 10/22 mag, cheap shooting fun.
    Raven 25autos are cheap to buy and cheaper to feed than 9mm.
    I might go that way as I hear the Tec-22 has FTF and feed problems.
  16. The Phoenix .22 is a really nice looking gun and if the company put a bit more time and effort into it they would have a real winner. Too bad they are more concerned with selling low budget problem guns instead of low budget quality guns.
  17. I don't consider the 25 totally uselss, either. If I have room for a bigger gn, I certainly want one, but it slips into a pocket real easily, and at close range, a full mag can do a lot of damage.
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    Well, my nicest useless pistol I ever aquired was my Rohm RG-22, I love shooting CBs through it in my basement though! CBs dont even penetrate the compressed wood board I had set up for my air rifle :p
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    Boo Phoenix!