Swiss K31

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  1. I think i am going to get one.they say they are very accurate,plus they have a coolness factor.I guess $199.00 is not a bad price??
  2. Good price-- these days anyways. I may still pick one up-- they are dead on accurate and they are cool as heck.

    There is a gu at our range that brings one out every so often-- They do look cool-- and although they don't flame like Mosins, they are accurate as heck with irons...

    I say get one-- or two!!


  3. Ammo is a little pricey though. That is what keeps me from buying one.
  4. My kid has one and its a very nice accurate gun.

    We reload for it but reloading for it is a pain due to the short throat that the K31s have which means seating bullets is a pain in the arse.
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    The cool thing though is that it takes a .308 projectile and the brass is not hard to find. If you use a Lee collect die the brass lasts a long time. They sure do shoot straight.

    Also remember if you want now is the time. Really pretty small numbers came into the country. Once they are gone (they are drying up now I paid $175 for mine) the prices start climbing.
  6. I ordered it today! I should have it Tuesday.along with my lee enfield :lol:
  7. Lee enfield? darnit, thats the other bolt action I would like to have. :eek:

    But with 5 mausers, and 4 mosins I have a hard time convincing the wife I need any more of them (sigh)
  8. Ari

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    Oh you have to have a SMLE :D It makes perfect logic to me 8)
  9. I have a walnut and a beech K31...BOTH ARE VERY ACCURATE.
  10. Mine will be walnut.I am not a wood specialist but which one is better?
  11. Yeah, you'll end up stealing someones Economic Stimulus money with that kind of a deal for sure.
  12. Aint that the truth. If I had the money they would be mine right now. Too many guns, so little money (sigh) :)