Switch to shooting southpaw?

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  1. Having a little trouble hitting long distance targets these days... my left eye is 20/25, but my right eye has degraded from 20/15 to 20/75. Target's are starting to get a bit fuzzy at longer range... and my left eye is starting to develop dominance. I don't want to get glasses again (I'm 20/25 with both eyes, so I don't need them, my left eye does an excellent job of compensating), with the exception being shooting scoped weapons. My question is how much trouble it would be to switch to shooting lefty so I can use my good eye when firing a scoped weapon.
  2. Not that hard really, I shoot left or right with rifles, you need to practice picking up the weapon and shouldering it until it starts feeling more natural. It will probably feel akward at first.

    It may take a while for that to happen, but it is possible.

    Then start working on hitting the target of course.

  3. Practice, practice, and more practice!!!
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    watch for flying brass!