SWMBO and cars......again

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by greg_r, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. greg_r

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    Took the spousal units car to have new tires put on and get the oil changed. Found the left rear brake disk in 2 pieces. The caliper had locked up and the pressure cut the disk in two pieces.

    I called and asked her and she admitted that a couple of months ago it did not want to go. She drove it home, and continued to drive it daily. It got better so she didn’t worry about it.

    so I am spending my Saturday morning at the shop waiting on parts to be delivered. Of course it’s my fault because I did not check the brakes for her.

    for those that don’t know, this is supposed to be one piece, and the ring is supposed to be about 1 inch thick. The good news is that the other 3 brakes are in very good shape.

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  2. You need to buy her a bicycle.

  3. Quavodus

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    Apparently my wife's cousin needs a bicycle too. He's not good with cars. :rolleyes:
  4. Rachgier

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    Mom's husband did end up buying the bigger boat, maybe I should take her up on the offer and move back to NC. I'll open up a new business.

    Captain Bob's Charter Service and Auto Repair. Greg will pay double to go deep sea fishing to take his mind off the fact that I have to fix his wife's car AGAIN!
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  5. Hell she probably will break the bicycle chain, brake cable, calipers, lose the brake pads, some spokes and not keep tires inflated, and blame Greg for not checking things :rolleyes:
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  6. greg_r

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    I think we could make that work! I would love a plate of Snapper or Grouper about now!
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  7. greg_r

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    Tell me @CamoDeafie . Have you ever seen a rotor completely cut away from the hub? Do you think maybe it had something to do with running out of pad?

  8. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    What a rotor is supposed to look like. Now just waiting for the caliper.

  9. Some cars... yeah, in the junkyards. Bicycles... I've seen some snapped disc brakes, I've also seen snapped brake caliper arms, gouged rims, lots of broken spokes (usually from large idiots trying to jump their cheaply built Walmart "bicycles") and yes, I've seen broken chains by the dozen... mostly on the single speed/3 speed coaster braked cruisers. Also, mangled derailleurs and seized cables of all types.

    Safe to say.. I don't think your wife would be safer on a bicycle ;)
  10. greg_r

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    I thought maybe a horse and buggy. But I would fear for the horse.
  11. Rachgier

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    @greg_r just buy her some crossfit shoes and tell her to beat feet. Buy yourself some while you're at it, and get ready to run.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I fragged a rotor on a '76 Ford Econoline. I bought the parts and was going to do it the next day. The rubber boot in the caliper caught fire. Luckily had a fire extinguisher in the van.

    I wore down the rear brakes on my '79 Dodge van the crescent shaped parking brake piece fell out of "suspension." It sliced the drum like a tubing cutter by the time I got 30mi. back to the house. :lol:
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    Why don’t you get her a nice soft top?

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  14. Dragonbreath

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    I have seen a brake pad shim come loose and cut a rotor in two. The pieces of the rotor looked like they had been cut with a Lathe.
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  15. moona11

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    Better you than me.
  16. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    It appears that in this case the caliper locked up. She continued to drive it until the pad was gone, then the caliper and brake pad backing just ringed what was left of the rotor until it sheared off. That’s the theory anyway. I think the worst thing was it could of caught fire.

    Anyways, it was cheaper to do both sides than just repair the one side. I bought a kit that included parking brakes, operating brakes, and a pair of rotors.i bought 1 caliper separately. Or I should say, I had my shop foreman order them for me. Thank goodness for our company discount!
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  17. Think1st

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    A UAZ 469! I saw a good number of those in Iraq. If you could get parts for it, it would make a robust little run about vehicle.
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  18. moona11

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    She would still kill it
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  19. Your wife missed her calling, she should be working for one (or all) of the Big 3 running brutal torture tests for them.
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  20. Never had a disc sever away from the hat like that. But I always change the rotors whenever I do a brake job. I put 213k on an Explorer I had and prolly did 3 or so brake jobs on it and always changed all 4 rotors and pads. Heck, Rock Auto has 4 wheel kits for $200 bucks or so. I just don't trust machined rotors - heat build up and front end vibration and all that. Swapping out rotors is just good insurance I figure. Also, there is a metal recycling place here in town that will give you a few bucks for used rotors.
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