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SWMBO was transported to the local hospital here Saturday a week ago. The hospital here had her transported to Baptist as they could do nothing for her. This past Friday they were supposed to do a procedure on her, but she got bumped. The weekend got very bad for her, she started having spasms. She ended up taking morphine the pain got so bad. I was informed this morning that she was being transferred to coronary ICU.

At about 11:30 this morning they came and got her to do the procedure they was going to do past Friday. I was told to expect 1 1/2 hours. At about 4:45 they brought her back. I was getting a bit anxious myself. I thought something had gone wrong. I spoke with the surgeon and was told she had a rough time of it, but they successfully completed the procedure. evidently she was tossing and turning on the table. But they got all 4 spots where there was blockage drilled out and two different type of stents installed.

The good news to me was the procedure went so well, that she did not have to go to ICU like we were told she would. She went back to her old room on the cardiac floor. She should get to come home this week. I hope for good. They have sent her home multiple times since April, just to go back in 2 or 3 days. Every time. She has had home nurses there every time she comes home, and she will have home nurses this time too.

This time just feels different. Although I will not say that SWMBO feels good, you can tell that just a few short hours after coming out or the OR, she feels better. The doc says give it a couple of days.

I really feel like Deborah has turned the corner and things will be better. I hope so, but I have good vibes.
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I just prayed for your wife. Best wishes.
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