SWMBO's new car

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by greg_r, Oct 17, 2020.

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    A lot less than had she bought it from her own $$$$.
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    I don't do Pontiacs. That thing won't make the turn into my gate. When I drove over the road I used to park my 670 VNL Volvo bobtail in the driveway. That limo is longer.

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  3. If the car has a wireless key try and get an extra one. Mine is a ridiculous $520 to get another copy. Another locksmith said it is over $1,000 if I lose the car keys to get a replacement. I have tried to get a replacement from locksmiths and they have not been able to do a copy for me. Only the dealer can make one thus far that I have discovered.
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    Wireless key fob... no actual key on mine. Step n brake, push start button... or push start on the key fob and let it warm up while I stay warm in the house... wish I could turn the heated steering wheel on via remote LOL going to be a nice feature this winter.
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    Screw that. Go big or go home:
  6. I was going to suggest this:
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  7. Socialist!
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    Nope, that would be mine!
  9. My wife's Chrysler 200S can be set to have the seats, mirrors and steering wheel get hot when starting in the car or remotely. Pretty cool. It'll all go to s&!$ when I inherit it though.
  10. That only has a big gun. ;)
    Namer AFV, based on a Merkava MBT, said to be one of the most heavily armored and protected APCs in the world. Fukken huuge. Very spacious interior apparently.. might make for a great apocalyptic camper ;) P1010208_3.jpg namer-image04.jpg Namer AFV.jpg
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    $3M for 3 +9 and not amphibious with a few hundred in service vs a BTR or BMP which are 3 +8 and amphibious with 40,000 variants in service and only cost about $60k...

    He's cheap and doesn't buy new, plus if we're kitting her out for all driving conditions, it better be able to float too...
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  12. But a mere .50cal to 23mm round can take out the BMP and BTRs. Funny, I found an international armored car dealer site and it list the majority of the armored cars for sale as having only NIJ-3A equivalent armor :rolleyes: seems that includes the bank security and Cash In Transit armored cars :rolleyes:
    You could probably outfit the Namer with a snorkel system :rolleyes:

    Edit. BTR-60, 5mm-7mm steel armor with 9mm on front lower hull and 10mm turret front thickness.
    BMP, 19mm front thickness, and only resistant to .50BMG AP on frontal 60 degree arc.

    Namer, classified but since its based on a Merkava... probably just as well armored.

    Edit 2. A cadillac gage commando V150/M706 has 0.25" thick, high hardness Cadaloy steel alloy armor but is officially only rated to stop 7.62x51 AP ammo (basically Level 3?)
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    In the desert?

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    Noah and his Ark are in the Torah as well...
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    The ark was a single use vehicle.

  16. Rachgier

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    But multi-purpose, like an amphib APC.
  17. LVTP-7/AAV-7A has 45mm thickness, however that is aluminum armor just the same as the M113 :rolleyes:
    And it seems they aren't proof against .50cal+ ammo
  18. Rerun

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    The ark was a single use vehicl
    The M-59 (?) was a pretty good amphib except for having two separate engines. Steel hull.

  19. Seems like it, except for the unreliability of the drivetrain apparently. 9.5mm top armor, about 25mm floor armor, and average thickness of 15.something mm of armor. However, the M75 preceding APC, while not amphibious, could ford 80 inches of water with the fording kit.. and it has between 25mm to 38mm steel armor, which is quite thicker than the majority of steel armored APCs.
  20. Just get her a first gen Toyota Yaris. They're cheap, solid, reliable and it will not breed overconfidence. Or, get a tank. At least someone's trying to put this train back on the tracks.
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