T-1 Week till i get my 45 carbine

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by gotcox, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. gotcox

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    I can't help it i am stoked i only have 1 more week and i will have my carbine. Been wanting one for a long while now and my pistol just needs a buddy. :D My only plans so far are to get a single point sling for it and paint it to match my pistol and go shooting, heck i will probably go out shooting before i get the sling or paint it. lol

    Then in the long run i will need to get more magazines....lots of magazines. Still trying to picture a LBE vest with just pistol mag pouches.
  2. Sounds great! Magazines are one of the best things you can get for any magazine fed firearm. Instead of concentrating a pointless add ons most people shod be stocking up on mags. I make sure i have atleast 5 mags for every gun I own. Post up some pics of the paint work when your done.

  3. Dane

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    Have you thought about doing one of the 1911 mag conversions? Either to the gun or to the mag?
  4. gotcox

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    I will post pictures for sure. Before and after and maybe during steps in between. I agree and would like to have 8 mags for each gun i have.

    Dane i have looked at the conversions, but i do not see any point in it. For the most part the HP mags are as cheap and reliable as any 1911 mag i have seen. And if doing it for extra capacity..well i guess i just don't see the need for a long magazine sticking out of the bottom of the gun. Just throw in another mag. I know that goes against most popular thinking, but i dont care. I also do not think shooting 50 rounds to hit a target 20 times is a good thing. I only shoot as fast as i can do so accurately.