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  1. I'm bored and just browsing the internet for some t shirts, anyone know of a good site to get gun related t's. Most of the stuff I'm finding is corny like "guns don't kill people, i do" etc. The only one I've found I like is the Celebrate Diversity pic that some of you may be familiar with. Anyway, can someone point me in a good direction?
  2. I shy away from "gun" shirts. It's not that I don't like them, but mainly I don't want to advertise that I have any. You never know who's watching. Also, I don't subscribe to gun magazines either. For the same reason.

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    Here are some not so politically correct religous shirts.:http://www.cafepress.com/landoverbaptist
    I been thinking of making some personalized t-shirts like :
    "BME PAIN OLYMPIAN" --wait heck no!!
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    Don't know about any great gun t-shirt sites, I was going to point you towards Cafe Press also.

    This guy has some really cool old school hot rod t-shirts though, and they're very affordable.

  5. hi point sells some nice t shirts themselves (of hi point products of course)
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    I hardly care who sees what I wear and what I own. Then again, I was raised on the idea that ideas are meant to be broadcasted and shared. If someone wants to challenge or attempt to segregate you because of them, then you were meant to take them on.

    That being said, I really don't own any gun shirts. It's not that I'm against them, it's just that I haven't found any that I like :p BUT, I do have a hammer and sickle T-Shirt that I often wear just to get a reaction. Granted I am a Socialist but hardly a Communist, but sometimes it's good to challenge comforts. Of course, it's not something that you wear to a veteran's event or what not out of respect....but what good are T-Shirts if they don't get people thinking.

    Although I wouldn't mind finding a T-Shirt similiar to a series of Vespa shirts that have blueprint designs of various bikes on them from factory manuals. Stuff like Mosin Nagants and 1911's would be neat.
  7. Thanks guys, I've been looking through the shirts at cafeexpress, also, some of those hotrod shirts are nice.