Tactical vest with holster

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  1. i was thinking about getting a tactical vest for when i go to the range. is that a good idea? well i came across this one


    what do you guys think? i could even use it for other things, like fishing or something, as the holster is removable. or i was thinking about just getting a shoulder holster and a thigh holster. need some opinion guys
  2. If I were you, I'd take a look at 5.11 tactical vests. I just bought one, and they're tops. Not only do they have the ability to carry your weapon, but you can carry concealed as well, and they don't have the "tacti-cool" look that vest does. Tastes vary, but you won't be allowed to draw from the vest at most ranges anyway.

  3. maybe i'm missing the point....... but that vest looks like you're prepping to go to war, not the range.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Gotta go shoot them EVIL targets. Actually better of with just a regular shooting vest them types will get you laughed off the range. Or if you really want on get it for SHTF situations and you'll be ready for all the zombie slaying in your neighborhood [You do live near any of our resident zombies don't you?]
  5. the zombies live right across the street, always staring whenever i pass by. thanks for the advice guys
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    Guess I'm too much of a basic utility fan. I say if it can't fit comfortably under a Dickies Ike shop jacket or can't be fitted to a basic thigh holster, it's a bit too much for the civilian mark.

    Now, as far as Zombie prep goes, the less "Tacti-Cool" the better. SURE...everyone talks about the "Dumb, slow" zombies, but the minute you encounter a scrambler you're going to be changing your tune. You need ease of movement, and the less straps the better.

    You all remember Dawn of the Dead and have played Resident Evil. You know they're out there. Just ignoring the need for speed is just putting yourself up for lunch....

    I'm just sayin'.....
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    I'll add a little here too.

    Back before the IBA there was the LBV now this thing similar to above was a POS. Had to many pockets to much crap got bulky and uncomfortable. Pain in the rear to put on take off.

    Things were not as easy to access as they seem as once the bulk built your arms could barely bend at the awkward angle to remove an item.

    Sadly the LBV is getting so much crap added to it now that the same is about to be true for it.

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    But you know I could use one for work. I wonder what all the drunks would say when they see me come walking up to them. :shock:
    More then likely laugh so hard they'd wet themselves :lol:
  9. I would rather get something like this than the one pictured at the top of this thread.....


    This one is a bit expensive but it gives you an idea of what a decent CC vest should look like. I agree with what shooter said, wear something like the first vest to the range and you may get laughed off the range.
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    i prefer to wear standard clothing and keep my CCW gear in holsters or puches on my belt. For SHTF i keep a standard LCE set for most of my gear and a six pocket tac vest for run and gun.

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    I have a molle tact vest and I love it I picked up a cheap one for airsoft and I liked it, but it wasn't customizable enough. Look at some of th evests that voodoo tactical makes and add your own pouches, it is going to cost more but you get a comfortable rig. They might get some laughs at the range but there is a reason so many SWAT and Spec Ops teams use them.
  12. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    Since when is it wrong to use something tactical when you go shooting? I think it's contemporary and would fit well with the tactical weapons in common use today.
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    I have a blackhawk vest similer to this.
  14. Thayldt21

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    M.O.L.L.E. is the gear swat teams use. they do not use these SPEC OPS costume wear. sPEC OPS HAS A GREAT MARKETTING MACHINE DESIGHnied to lure you in with the fantasy that this is what they wear.

    Caps lock oops.

    Any way molle is adaptable adjustable and interchangeable.

    I love to hear this stuff. Every marketer will hype there product but the truth is they lie.

    Why would you get laughed off well. a lot of these guys you see at the range are real soldiers and have been truelly in shart and then you show up all mall ninja. yea id laugh at you and so would my wife.

    looks cool uh. you'd better be one hell of a good shot and very versed in tactical procedures.

    One might want to concider who they are sharing the range with. Real soldiers and vets. not your bb gun paint ball association of arm chair Tom Clancy rainbow 12 team



    prior service combat vet.

    make sence????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    Crystal Clear.

    It's not like you are going to rappel down the side of a building, run through a wall of fire, flip over a speeding car, or have to do anything remotely tactical. How can you have so many small items on you to justify having the "Tactical" (Tacticool) Vest... ?

    However. Laughing you off of the range is highly likely, especially around seasoned vets of both military and target shooting.
  16. I say if you are looking for a vest like that look into Condor. They have some very good deals in that area. I really dont like the vests like this as I dont get to choose where me gear goes. I like the Molle set ups for me.

    Here is something like what Condor offers:


    I like the pistol belt on the above. I have a couple pouches from this company and like the qualiy and most of all the price...

  17. Oh and I dont give a crap if people say im trying to look tacticool??? I train the way im going to fight!!! For me that involves gear. If anyone at the range talks crap...... Well I say the same thing everytime. "Would you stand in for my target???? If not then go away!!!!!"
  18. Thayldt21

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    Be carefull One might ask if you want to play cops and robbers. Or Cowboys and Indians.

    To own is one thing but Training at the target range OK.

    I have a left over IBA with trauma plates, Molle.

    But you don't see me at the range with it. ANd I seved a year in Iraq with it.

    So you want to play good guy bad guy???????????
  19. LOL I will let you pick! I do wear my IBA at the range from time to time. You know as well as me that we dont get the trigger time we need to stay proficient in some tasks.

    If you guys have seen any of my range vids you can see I dont wear it at all times. I do like to shoot for fun and plink as well. I do always draw from my CCW first and last when at the range.
  20. Beowolf1911

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    Ahh just do what I did build a range in your back yard then you don't have to worry about the fashion police getting their panties in an bunch. take my advice though don't hip shoot an AK whilst in a kilt, you leg hairs will never forgive you.