Tactical Vests?

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    A couple of weeks ago, I posted a question on the old forum board, asking for recommendations any of you might have for tactical vests. For the life of me I cannot remember who, but someone posted about a dozen or so companies online who sell tactical vests. I checked several of them out but did not bookmark them. I got busy at work and had not logged on till a couple days ago when I found the forum had moved and apparently the old forum posts are now lost. Could anyone steer me in the right direction as to some good tactical vest suppliers? I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys.
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    Just google tactical vests.


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    I believe that would be our linkymaster MrM I have a light weight black travelvest I got at an army surplus store an Uncle Milty brand you might like
  4. I have a BlackHawk Omega crossdraw vest. If I had to do it over again, I'd get a MOLLE platform vest from Cheaper Than Dirt or similar. One that has carrier pockets for my body armor and is infinitely configurable with MOLLE pouches. Also, most are about half the price for the base vest. I like the BlackHawk, but it isn't flexible enough to meet all my needs anymore.

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    Yea, um, well this is what I have.

    Some of you may remember.

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    I have the old school ALICE LBE ( "H" instead of "Y" harness, buttpack, twin mag pouches, leather 1911 holster, twin 1911 mag pouch, Radio Pouch, canteen/cup...)

    And This:


    Its a nice rig...but to be honest, I gotta lose some of my fat for this to fit/feel right. I had six full AR mags on it, NO water in the "canteen", and felt like it was pulling me forward...Heck, look at the price...I got it for not much different than that, (lower, btw)

    As far as comfort, I will go with the ALICE gear for now. The modularity of the MOLLE type system is nice...but as a big guy..its like wearing a bib...no jokes!
  7. Plenty of places out there that sell tactical vests. You don't have to search long. Here is the pic (a pic of the same type) of my every-day SHTF vest:


    MOLLE style vests are the shizzle as well, got a couple of those .
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    Elguapo, thanks for the honest opinion. I might have to look into one of those ALICE packs myself as I need to lose a few pounds as well. I was concerned about how one of those MOLLE setups would fit me right now anyways. Thanks again!
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    The question is, do you want a tactical vest or an armored vest...
  10. Hey Thayldt21.... I'm assuming that was issued to you ?? I was jus wondering if that is a flak jacket or a bullet proof vest ?? Reason I ask is I have one jus like that, but in woodland camo... Says on the inside tag Frag Vest. I was just curious to what it would actually do in terms of being shot at or what not..
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    It's an IBA. Improved body armor, Made by POINT BLANK.

    It has two sappi Plates one in front and one in rear.

    They are made of Kevlar.

    They are what is currantly being issued to the troops over seas. Now they come in the Digital patern.

    Very effective bullet resistant vest.
    Not really any thing bullet proof.
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    The only one I have is actually not the best.... more like a tacti-cool "Mall ninja" type of vest. But, it was one of the costume pieces from a production of Fahrenheit 451 I did earlier this season, so it has some sentimental value :)
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