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    title says it all. I'm in the market for a tacticool 22. I'd rather buy an Ar-15 but my current budget doesn't allow for that and for the expense of shooting another caliber at the moment. So the plan is to buy the 22 and shoot up my 22lr stash while I attempt to build my AR.

    I'm leaning heavily towards the smith and wesson 15/22 because the controls are similar to an ar and it accepts some ar parts for future testing.

    I've read a lot of reviews of this rifle and it seems to be pretty good. I'm leaning towards the magpul moe version because magpul is probably what i'd use on a full size rifle as well so to directly mimick what i wish to build seems to be a good choice.

    Can you think of any other options? I've thought about a lower and a dedicated upper build but decided against it because 2 guns=better than 1 gun plus parts.

    other things i've considered
    sig 522
    10/22 aftermarket stock of some sort(don't own 10/22 yet)
    mossberg 715t
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    I've had a 15-22 for several years now. Zero problems, thousands of rounds thru it. Friends love to shoot it when we go to the range.

    I bought it because of it functions more like a AR15 than any of the other "tacticool" .22 built with the exception of the conversion kits.

    JaPes, a member here, wrote about his experience wiht a few models in this thread:


    there is a big S&W forum specifically for the 15-22 and here are some more comparisons.




  3. eet

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    I second the mp 15-22. I've had one since the end of 2012 and love it. It is super reliable and is much closer to an AR in how all the buttons/levers work compared to the other 22lr AR15 clones I've seen.

    In the 1-1/2 years I've had mine, I've sent over 5000 rounds down range with it.
  4. MachoMelvin

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    I would like to have an AR-22, but do not want to go cheap. I've looked at the Colt, S&W, Sig, & Beretta. I do have several of GSG's AK & the StG-44. The StG is by far my favorite.
    Here is a link to a 22 Tactical Forum that surely can use some help, and I don't know why? Everybody has a 22 rifle.


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    thanks for the help guys. Thats what i figured. I've found prices ranging form 380 to upwards of 600 for the performance center)which i don't want because i want a plinker not a ammo sensitive tac driver.) the moe version is running around the $500 mark.

    I've been looking used locally and find nothing thats not above the asking price of the local shops. a good sign that a lot of people got burned last year.

    Now do i buy locally and pay more or buy online and wait? decisions decisions.
  6. FlashBang

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    I've got as much into my 15-22 as some people have in their AR-15.:D

    Built the 15-22 out with a 3lb trigger pack, a reverse brake, a nice RD sight, and finished it off with a Slide-Fire stock. Runs great and have never had a FTE or FTF with it, even when doing FA mag dumps.
  7. tallbump

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    My buddy is a firearms instructor and an armed guard through the DHS.

    His training gun is the S&W MP 15/22. If it's good enough for him, I'd take it as a good sign that it is good enough for me.

    Take that for what it's worth LOL
  8. ajole

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    NE Utah
    In my AO, it looks like many are unloading their tactical .22's, probably due to ammo availability.

    At the 3 pawn shops I hit regularly, I had my choice of at least 25 of them, from Mossberg 715's at $200 to Berretta's for $400+, with Colt, Smith, and who knows what else in between.

    The prices are still high though.:rolleyes:

    On the other hand, I saw a Rock River .308 AR for $1198. There's lots of AR's between $550 for old Olympics to $3000+ for some high end stuff.
  9. bscar

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    If you can afford an M&P15-22, you can afford a lower end AR-15.

    I have the Mosberg 715t and the only real problem I've had is fumbling around to get the magazine out sometimes. I did have a problem with the 25rd magazine when I first tried loading it, but all you have to do is grab the tabs on the magazine and pull down a few times; this gets the 2 springs in sync with each other and makes it possible to get all 25 rounds in there. I just got 3 new mags from cheaper than dirt for $20 each, dunno what the mp15-22 mags run
  10. Dagwood

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    The mp 15-22 is probably first choice for tacticool 22's. I bought the colt M4 .22 because I got a great deal on it. One of the differences between the two is the colt weighs almost exaxtly what an ar does, so for training its the closest to the real deal. The 15-22 is all polymer so it is very light weight. Both are extremely reliable. The 715t is the least expensive. Also a great gun. My friend bought one and loves it.
  11. lsi1

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    you guys in your pawn shops and guns that must be nice.

    Yeah i could buy a lower end ar for the price or just above the price of the smith but then i have to immediately start stocking ammo for a new caliber. I would like to enjoy shooting some of my 22lr while i save money for parts and ammo. This also gives me a great rifle to give to my son or nephew when they are ready for such a rifle.
  12. MaryB

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    Just finished my AR build, most expensive part was the barrel because I wanted one that will hold up to multiple shots without overheating and losing accuracy. Even with a $190 barrel my entire build was just under $600

  13. lsi1

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    looks good thats pretty similar to what i want to put together. I figure the barrel and bolt are the parts you really want to spend on the rest is just window dressing. I don't mind a standard milspec trigger a little mothers polish here and there and it'll be all i ever need.

    After fondling one of those nickel boron bolt carrier groups my heart is set on those. probably a tacticool gimmick but one thats gotten me.
  14. Dagwood

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    I have a NiB bcg in my AR.. Its great. Much easier to clean and requires less lubrication.
  15. bscar

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    and buy a .22lr upper for it
  16. 45Man

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    I have an AR22, but they don't get any more cool than this:

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  17. lsi1

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    thanks to tallbump suggesting a local store i picked up a 15/22 on the cheap along with 1k rounds of 22lr. i'll have a review soon.
  18. slade601

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    I came very close to getting that as my first gun. Had it on layaway. Then ended up buying the 15/22 off a friend for only 250$
  19. mn_doggie

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    Cool is definitely subjective, cuz that doesn't fit my definition of cool.
  20. 45Man

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    Don't need a separate upper, it's an entire rifle.

    That's about what it was brand new. Dealer or distributor overstock, sold at or below cost.

    Are you thinking it's an airsoft? It's not.
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