taking the slide off to clean

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Do you take your slide off while cleaning?

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  1. I was just curious about how many people take there slide off to do everyday cleaning jobs. The reasoning behind this is that Ive seen it stated in a couple of times in the fourms that Hi Point doesnt recomend taking the slide off very often. However Ive always bee told to do a good job cleaning a pistol you must at least field strip it.
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    There is ALOT of shooters who dislike HP's recomendation to not fully field strip the weapon until at least 2500 rounds. Remember, HP's are NOT like your Glock, Kimber or Kahr. They're a different design and with the construction of the frame, a complete disassembly can actually do far more harm than good.

    In comparison: A Chevrolet Corvette MUST have it's oil, filters and such changed every 3,000 or 5,000 miles (Depending on the year). Yet, a Volkswagen Beetle doesn't even HAVE an oil filter, but requires more frequent oil changes. Then you get new Toyota Corrolas that can go up to 10,000 miles without an oil change. If you changed the oil in the Toyota at the same rate as in the Volkswagen, you could potentially damage the car. Each car is designed in a vastly different way, so their matainance is different. What works for one machine isn't always the best way hands down.

  3. Plus you have to consider the fact that some of the people are not really familiar with weapons and have trouble putting them back together.

    One other thing, every time you punch the pin out to take the slide off, you more than likely make the hole in the plastic/polymer frame a tiny bit bigger. After a while, the pin will be smaller than the hole and may start trying to work its way out.

    This could possibly cause jams or other trouble, so the fewer times the pin is punched out, its probably better for the pistol.

    These are just guesses on my part, take them for what they are worth :)
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    Ditto to walt and neo, plus with the cleaners available in today's market, such as Powder Blaster and a variety of CLP types, bolts can be cleaned in place, very well. Pins and extractors included, which is just a couple of important areas needing a good cleaning that previously required disassembly to do a good job.
  5. can we send the pistols to hi point to get it disassembled and clean when it actually needs it? for a fee of course.
  6. There is no need to pay for it. When you bought a HP, you did not just buy a gun. You also bought a company. HP has a no questions asked policy, so if your gun is not firing because of dirt they will repair or clean it for free. Shipping is all you have to cover. I dare you to find another manufacturer that will do that. Glock maybe? lol
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    Yep. They even say if you buy the gun used, to send it to them and they will clean, inspect and replace any parts necessary at no cost to you, then send it back on their dime...

    That is why HP is no1 in my book! Nobody treats their customers as well!
  8. All you would have to do is call them and tell them that you have put a lot of rounds through it and feel uncomfortable taking it apart, and they would most likely tell you to send it in to them.
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    That is exactly what Mrs. Deeb will tell you. She made a statement to me on the phone that most of the time when 1 is sent in with problems, it is because the owner disassembled it. HP has a warranty and customer svc 2nd to none. Taurus has a lifetime warranty as well. But their customer svc sucks donkey balls. Because of it I am about to part with mine even though I love its looks.
  10. Here is HP's recommendation:

    -----------beginning of email ----------------
    From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 11:19 AM
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: Re: Cleaning Instructions

    Dear XXXXX,

    Although some customers who have Hi Point Firearms are capable of it, MKS recommends that you do not take the gun apart. The exploded view in the manual is not intended to be a detailed disassembly guide. It is really just to note the basic steps for those who feel qualified. The way MKS recommends to clean a Hi Point is to blow the inner area out with a mild aerosol solvent once or twice a year. (Of course wear eye protection). This gets out any accumulated grime and dirt that may have been attracted and held in there by the oil. Clean the barrel with a good bore solvent after you get home from shooting. This is all we do after thousands of rounds of shooting. Oil lightly, and the gun is ready for the next session of shooting. If you feel that you must take the gun apart, but need help, please phone the factory and talk with a mechanic there. They can be reached at (419) 747-9444 Mon.-Thurs. 7am-5pm EST.

    Hope this helps!

    MKS Supply, Inc.
    Marketer of Hi-Point Firearms

    ---------end of email
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    Man, with policys like that, where they actually clean your gun for you, how can Hi-Point be beat? I would never use this service as i only have a 995 and it is easy to clean when you need to, but i am amazed at the level of customer service they are willing to provide. What a friggin great company!
  12. i know should not and don't have to but i often spray too much oil/cleaning agent and it start to leak everywhere. i think once i get my self a sneak rope it'll help up a bit.
  13. Im really surprised but Im not either. I took my gun apart (thrid time Ive done it) after I put 50 rounds through it last night and I was really amazed at how clean the action was. I think Im just going to get a good bore snake and some good cleaner