Talk about a waste of money

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    interesting video, strange location. i know when i was looking for work over near fayettenam, the job service reps were pushing blackwater usa without end, years before 9/11 and gulf war part 2

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    i dont see it as a waste it was atest of the gun and i must say it preformed extremely well.

    i dont have a .45 i was im planing on getting one and it's been down to a tarus or a para ordnance.
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    Yep, I've been looking at a carry piece and narrowed it down to either the XD45 Compact or the Para Stainless Warthog. Based on price (~$500 versus ~$800), I'm probably going to go with the XD, but that Warthog is a real beauty.
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    I was offered to go to Blackwater for advanced law enforcement training, but missed the acceptance date because I was sick..DAMNIT! If you think being shot with paintballs hurt, try being shot with a SIM round. EH!