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  1. So when I originally arrived in the UK, I still had my cell phone I bought back in the U.S. I am not one to switch to a new phone every few months; I keep mine until it either dies or until it becomes impractical.
    Well, my current cell phone is now both dying and becoming impractical. I originally had T-Mobile, and I came to England expecting to simply take on T-Mobile UK for it. Well, I ended up going with another company and doing a SIM-only plan for 12 months. My tour is three years in length, so I was going to do SIM-only for a year and then switch to a two year contract. Well, I go into the phone company today to switch over to a new contract and get a new phone.
    When I originally signed up, I needed only my base address, my bank details, and ID. They told me that when I went back in to upgrade to the two year plan, I would only need to let the SIM contract lapse and sign up for a new two year from scratch.
    What followed was the stupidest clusterf*ck of all time. The guy who helped me was awesome, but then he called the head office people to get the ball rolling, and I had to give them my details.
    This Indian guy on the other end starts asking me questions that have no bearing on anything; he's asking my "regiment and battalion." I tell him I'm in the U.S. Air Force; we operate in wings, groups, squadrons, etc. But he keeps asking. Then he's asking for my serial number. I tel him we don't use serial numbers in the military anymore. Then he basically demands, "Name rank and serial number!" I just remember looking at the dude standing in front of me like. "What. The. F*ck?" Then he keeps asking me for post codes and counties and stuff from previous addresses. Asking for British addresses that don't exist, marital status, etc. etc. I keep trying to hammer it home to the guy that I'm American, I've only been here for a year, and I'm stationed here on orders. I'm not a freaking Brit. He then talks to the guy helping me, and the guy helping me is just as flustered as I am; he told the guy on the phone, and I quote, "Know how many people are in the store right now? Five. Know how many are American? Four." (Not accurate, my wife and brother-in-law are not American, but he didn't know that). He's trying to tell this guy that he does contracts and upgrades for Americans all the time. That was about the time the guy decides, "Okay, can't do the upgrade, goodbye."

    It was surreal. My wife and I both have a phone through this company and never had a problem.
    Luckily, the employee helping me had a workaround for it and I ended up getting a brand new HTC One M8 with two year contract, just my phone number will be different for about a week while it gets ported over.

    But seriously, what in the HELL is it with customer service over here?

    Yeah, that's not the only BS that happened. Prepare for more. *Watches you all roll your eyes and exit the thread.*

    A couple weeks ago, we ordered a baby furniture set from Babies 'R Us; a crib, wardrobe, and changing table set.
    Well, long story short, I get a message the day it was to be delivered that it was damaged at the depot and would not be delivered. Alright, fine, sh*t happens, I can let it go. Well, then we sort of...didn't hear back from them. We spent over $350 on this set and we're completely in the dark. The money was not refunded, so we're assuming a new set will be shipped to us.
    Didn't hear anything the last half of last week or this last weekend. So we call them back this morning.
    The woman on the other end asks, "Oh, so you wanted a replacement set then?"
    It took all my strength not to just say, "No, use that £230 we gave you for a nice birthday dinner you dumb b*tch."
    Seriously; they were not going to order a new set, nor refund my money. They were going to take my money and just let it sort of go.

    What in the Hell is going on over here!?
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    That's uber stupid......

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    It's that dry British humor man, don't you get the joke?

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    That post looked suspiciously like I wrote it.

    Note you were talking to someone IN INDIA, which is what is wrong with customer service, which I believe you asked. Outsourcing to the cheapest bidder is what is wrong with your process, which is the answer to your questions.
  5. If I was driving a truck I would have shut it off. :p
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    Maybe he runs a side-business as an Identity Thief? It wouldn't be the first time.

    Peace favor your sword,
  7. who volunteered for a tour in Europe?

    *rolls eyes leaves thread*
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    It's that "stiff upper lip, bend over and take it quietly" they're so good at...
    Don't let them get you down, FB!
  9. Three year tours? And now the military doesn't use service numbers? The next thing I'm going to hear is that they allow gays in the military and women in combat roles. :eek: Jeez, I feel sooo old! :(
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    Lol........... ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1421774348.730527.jpg
  11. MY wife, I was voluntold. :p
  12. They've been letting the gays in for hundreds of years; it's called the Navy. :D
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    Sounds like my call to upgrade my Verizon phone. I have a grandfathered in Alltel contract they cannot break, it has unlimited data which has come in handy when internet went down. I went round and round with this dude in India until I finally told him to let me talk to your supervisor. He was claiming my contract was void, part of Verizon buying out Alltel is they honor all contracts as long as the customers is a continuous subscriber. He kept telling me I had to choose a new plan and give up my unlimited data or buy the big business plan for a ridiculous dollar amount. I told him to look up the Alltel contract and he said he did not have to it was old and therefore no longer in force. Supervisor in India pulls the same thing so I ask for his supervisor who turns out to be in the the USA. Told him what was going on and he started screaming at the guys in India for being idiots and wasting my time when all they had to do was open my old contract and swap the phone. Meanwhile I am listening in on this and when the supervisor finally got back to me he had fired the 2 in India, I was getting the upgrade phone for free with no upgrade fees for having to be on the phone for over an hour. I think Verizon is in process of moving all customer service back to the USA as are a lot of other companies.
  15. It's gotten to the point here where a lot of the average store workers are actually taught some Indian in order to converse with their own customer service agents.
    Though it's funny; I've actually talked to Americans during service calls here. I even asked one once, "What would happen if I called your company from the U.S.?" She replied with, "You'd be directed to our call center in Delhi." Oooookay.
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    At least you did not get the Russian guy named "Peggy" :D
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    Let this be a lesson to those of you who still have free will...
    Don't let a hot euro-chick lead you around by the balls ;)
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    Like you have room to talk...


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    I can't say where I work but I do get calls transferred to me from outside the US. "Peggy" is NOT a myth. "Amber" is a guy, "Peter" is a girl, "Amanda" is a guy, etc. True story, I hear it every day.
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