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Talked guns with my dad today....

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I don't talk to my step dad very much....

He came to my room today and he was like "I'm going to buy a gun, want to come" "DO I!" I screamed back at him.

We drove by about 4 different places looking at guns, Gander...a few sporting good stores, and my local GS. Here I was thinking he took me just for my opinion. My dad...who chastises me every day for owning firearms. KNOWS HIS SHIT!

Apparently, back before he divorced his first wife, and married my mum. He had quite the shotgun collection. He was telling me all about Browning, and how ~30 years ago they made a name for themselves because of their Belgium steel, then some Japanese company bought them and their quality went down(I love my Buckmark.) Remington and their pumps, some Winchester 5 that he loved. And some shotgun, I don't remember which one) but the barrel would move with the recoil and would cock and load the next round(a blowback shotgun) which he owned and almost cried talking about having to sell it.

Anywho, we get to Gander. It took him three hours to go through ever O/U 12 gauge there. He finally decided on a Browning Citori, a $3200 Browning Citori(and he gives me shit for my Mk23 and Desert Eagle) Anywho, he tells him he wants the gun, and that he would meet them at the register. He does his paper work, they call it in, gets the go-ahead. And he hands them his debit card.

Just as the kid is about to swipe the card. My dad rips it from his hands and was like. "NO! Nah, this isn't going to work. Go in the back and get me a new gun. Not the floor display everyone has touched and banged around" After going through the speal about how it's the only one they have, and they assure him that it's just as good as a new gun. My dad shook his head and grabbed my by my arm and drug me out of the store...

We get to his truck, he calls somebody...then one more person. And has a new one on the way. For $2500. My dad has the hook up. The whole way home we talked guns, and how after he lost his first love(collection) he just couldn't get back into them. And now that he's afraid of some tax in legislator about a $50 charge per year, per gun to own one. He figured he would start and build a new collection before this kicks in.

It's amazing, my stepdad, who gives me shit every day for owning so many, and such expensive guns is more of a gun nut than me.

Just thought I would share, it made my week better.
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Good stuff!
Remember, if it is the RIGHT gun, ANY price is OK! A guy who laughs at $1200 DE's will pay $2500 for a Citori because the shotgun is art in wood and steel, where the DE is just a big pistol. The guy with a $2600 Colt SAA in .45 will buy a $300 Mossy, as it is just a shotgun...
We all have our preferences, and values, and sometimes they make no sense...but they matter!
Glad your step dad is getting into them, and involving you!
Great story! I'm glad to hear you had a good time with your step dad.
That is awesome bro!!! :D
cool story....did he grab you by the arm or the ear.."cmon you young whippersnapper"!
I love A5's too bad he doesn't have them anymore. The famous "humpback shotgun". The Belgian ones were made as early as 1902. Belgians were made like tanks. Many of them are still shootin'. The Jap ones were made a lot later and still made under the Browning name which makes them less valuable. They stopped making the A5 in 1999.

The Citoris are nice guns too. I liked the way it swings along with the BT-99 - both a couple of great guns.
The Citoris are nice guns too.
am i the only one who does a double take when i see "citoris"?
He asked me this morning if I had a Barrett Catalog....

I think he is more interested in their BORS system though, too bad.
Not many people spell citrus....
The Citoris are nice guns too.
am i the only one who does a double take when i see "citoris"?
Thanks for asking. I thought I was a perv for seeing that and I wanted to avoid outing myself.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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