Talked the wife into a trip to the gun range

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by clickclick, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. But as my part of the deal, I had to go into the city to Harris Teeter's....a grocery store of some sort...Now I think she's darn near

    She got a crick in her neck just trying to aim my little 995 carbine :rolleyes: , and my new SA/XD9 didn't show up yet, so we rented a 22 for her. It was a Ruger 22/45 and shot very well for a rental, I might add.

    Unfortunately, this was a busy weekend and they always put the loudest guns at the upper end of the range, upper meaning Lanes 8 through 12, and usually put the pea shooters at the lower numbered lanes (i.e; 1-5 or so). I had hoped we'd get put on Lane 1 or 2, but ended up at Lane to a guy with a 4595TS, and a 12

    I thought she was literally going to cry when we first went into the range was very loud and surely intimidating for her...after adding some foam ear plugs to go with the ear muffs, she was OK...

    Long story, a little shorter...she did very well. I told her I'd try to find her a 22 of her own, and she said, "Well how do you know I want a little gun like that?" LOL...

    :D That's my I'm guessing my 1st C-9 purchase will be for her...unless she tries to cl;aim my new XD...:eek:
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    Thats awesome!! My wife likes to go shooting, she just doesnt like to admit it.
    She claimed my XdM .45 as her own. She loves that gun. I just cant get her to go as often as I like.
    Glad you had a good time.
  4. Yeah, we both had fun. I'm thinking she'll be trying to take over the XD before I even get it broken in...What's funny is that for months I have been showing her pictures of different firearms and she never gives it more than a second's worth of looking...but now she actually seems to be looking at them with some interest. :)

    Thanks for fixing the link, Rachgier. :)
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    Sure thing, next time you want to drop in a video, copy the link straight from the address bar on your browser. Drop it in with the "Insert Link" button and you're golden.
  6. Thanks. I was wondering how to do that. :confused:
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    My wife really likes my Beretta NEOS.

    I also had her shoot my AR (5.56), my Kel Tec Sub2000 (9mm), and my dad's 995 Classic monkey gun. She didn't like the subby, said that shooting the AR felt "Bad A**" but that she wouldn't want long sessions, and that she really liked the 995.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I was pretty happy when my wife actually suggested a trip to the range without any prompting. It is always fun when they begin to enjoy the hobby as much as we do.

    By the way, clickclick, that was a good idea to double her up on the ear pro at the range. That was the first thing that I did when I first took my wife to an indoor range so that she wouldn't be distracted by the big boomers in there. It has kept her from ever developing any trepidation about the noise, and it helps her shoot much better. Also, it looks like you coached her well. Next time, you should put a 6-inch adhesive circle on the target, push it out to 10 yards, and then tell her to keep the rounds inside of it. They way she did at that closer range, she'll do it, easily, and it will really boost her confidence. Just keep her with the .22 pistols for awhile as she continues to build that confidence. When she begins to keep everything inside of that circle, ask her if she'd like to try doing it with a 9mm. She'll keep that inside the circle, too.
  9. Thanks for the great feedback and kind words.
    I actually just ordered some 6" adhesive targets today. The only problem I foresee is her actually waiting to shoot the 9mm... ;)
  10. well if she is comfortable shooting the 22.. and she does not mind the weight of the 9mm me may be fine. she looks to have a good grip of the gun.. just remind her before she start to be mind full of the higher recoil of the 9mm and she keeps the good posture she should be fine.
  11. She also just reminded me that she didn't have her "far away" glasses on, but had her "readers"...not so sure 3.5 yards would require "far away" glasses, but I'm happy for her either way. :)

    I just read back the replies to her so now she's ready for Range trip
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    That's just one of those golden moments where you smile, agree, and tell her you can't wait to see how much butt she kicks fully prepared. You get to go to the range more and she gets to think it was her idea.
  13. Sounds like the plan. ;)
  14. It's great to see someone overcome their fear of the loud bangs and actually enjoy shooting.

    I've a friend who lives in that great bastion of 2A rights,Chicago *not* and she was totally anti-gun,and had never shot one.

    I had to make an emergency trip up home to Michigan when my biological Mother passed away a cpl years ago and as i was boarding up the house and winterizing it my friend came up for a few days to help me.

    I took her out in the yard (Mom had 17 acres about 5 miles out from a town of 400 people) andgave her her first shooting lesson with Mom's .22 pistol. She has now changed her view on guns and was squealing like a teenage girl. I didn't think i was gonna get the pistol back!

    She managed to fire off my full size .40 a couple of times but I think that was a bit much for her tiny self, she is only 5'1" LOL... but she gave it a go.

    Again, good job, I think part of the problem is many people are put off by the loud noise .
  15. Good story! Thanks, and I agree. She actually sat and watched Guns and Ammo with me over the

    I'll be the first to admit I was even a little intimidated by the noise at first...and I've been a mechanic for over 30 years, worked in a loud steel mill, drag race, and rode motorcycles since I was a kid (now 51) I'm used to loudness, and probably 1/2 deaf from all the years of noisy environments.

    She works in an office, by herself, so noise to her (before the range), is the fax machine doing it's thing. ;)

    She definitely won't even try (or even hold) my 995, because it looks (in her words), like an assault rifle...:rolleyes: I have recently mounted my Red Dot on a 45 degree angle off to the left side, to give it another chance, so I think I may be able to get her to try it now....we'll see. Two weeks ago she wouldn't even stay in the same area if I had any firearms she looks like she is almost interested...Baby steps.... :)
  16. It's pretty sad how the non shooting public has been conditioned to believe that everything about guns and shooting is evil. Usually all it takes is to get them to sling a couple rounds down range to put that smile on their face.

    Same experience, here. Shopping for wifey a new gun and going this week to a range where women shoot free on certain nights. She can't wait!

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    Her "far away" glasses will hinder, not help. She needs to see the front sight clearly and the target & rear sight can be a little fuzzy. Her "computer distance" glasses should be about right.

    She might also be helped by pin-hole appliances or "stickers" on her glasses. These can dramatically increase Depth of Field and many shooters now use them to augment aging eyes and corrective lenses which limit Depth of Field.

    Peace favor your sword,
  18. Geez...there's something out there for everyone, isn't there?

    EYEPAL...crazy. Thanks for the links.