Talked to an open carry guy yesterday

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by tallbump, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. tallbump

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    SO, stopped to grab a quick, cheap dinner at a convenient store-don't judge, we had coupons and they have good food :D

    Sitting out front at a table eating, I see a guy get out of his car and go into the store with a pistol strapped on his right hip.

    When he came out I talked to him for a few minutes. Specifically, I asked if he has ever ran into any problems open carrying here. You rarely see it in my town, but I am starting to notice it more and more recently.

    He said one store once asked him to leave. Occasionally he'll hear a few comments, bad gets an odd look form time to time, but no problems.
    I was glad to hear this.
  2. greg_r

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    I open carry around home. Never have any trouble with it. I do conceal when I go to the city though.

  3. HiPointArmorer

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    I've seen a lot of truckers open carry at truck stops, it doesn't bother me.
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I was out Saturday on a drive, some horse riders flagged us down, they had thrown a shoe, and asked if we could give this guy a lift back up to his camp, along the road.

    He had a pistol on, like experienced horsemen out here tend to do, and as we were driving up, I asked if it was the M&P, as all I could see was the grip. He said yeah, and was worried I was worried, until I showed him my G20 IWB...:p
  5. Dane

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    On a stop for gas and food on a recent trip through NC I saw an open carrier. I have to admit it was weird and I had to talk with him. Questions like how long, any problems etc. I told him we can't do that except in the course of fishing and there was an attempt to allow it in Florida. Wished him and his family well.
  6. lklawson

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    A glock? That may be a banning offense...

    Peace favor your sword,
  7. Every time I go anywhere I see at least one OCer, sometimes two or three. Not counting myself. I don't think we have any more problems than a CC only state.

    I have only been somewhat stopped once, by a deputy who slowed down while I was walking. When I told him to pull over so not to cause an accident to talk he decided to drive on. I have only been asked to leave one business, a flee market. Actually he did not ask me to leave, he asked me to put my gun in my car. Which I declined, then he was willing to let me stay, too bad, too late, no money.

    For the most part it is non event, occasionally people want to talk guns, or get information on OC. Police wave, people often give a thumbs up.

    The only thing that bugs me is the few CCers who insist on showing me their gun to show they are carrying. If it is concealed leave it concealed, I will take your word you are carrying. PLEASE do not take it out of the holster to show me. I have seen a gun before, and probably one like you are carrying, I don't need to see it.
  8. Lately my Glock has been put in the safe. I have been carrying my GP100, there is just something about the feel, and weight of a good revolver that keeps me coming back to them.
  9. ajole

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    NE Utah

    But, was a 10 mm!

    Besides, it meant nothing, it was just a one time thing, I was thinking about my Springfield, Taurus, Hi Point and CZ the whole time...I'll never do it again...;)
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    Three fiddy for the Glock?
  11. lklawson

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    Are you and your xd going to counseling? ;)

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    does your insurance pay for it or do you have to:eek::eek:
  13. I used to switch between the two options before moving down here last year, depending on the setting. Now, in the area I live, and you drive through to go to work, the only way I OC is in or on a vehicle, or on my own property. Walking is CC only. No exceptions. Run to the local C-store, or WallyWorld, same.

    What it mostly depends on is 3 things.
    1. Where I am going and why.

    2. Who I'm going to be around (Don't like to stand out in the crowd so to speak.)

    3. That day's weather conditions.

    With the way the heat has been this Summer, I found myself OCing more than CCing, or uncovering it once I'm out of the AC more often than not. Some of the shops I go to are run by folks who also carry, so OC or CC, they don't care as long as it stays in the holster. If need were to arise, then it can come out and be properly utilized as the tool it is. Basic SOP is all.

    Now, where the rub is for me. On the bike. OC vs. CC is kind of beyond my control while out on a ride in warm weather, and I tend to prefer OWB carry. I have a mild preference towards OC while on the bike, because it's easier to keep an eye on things, or a hand for the purpose of checking that it is still right where it should be, securely in place. On days where 2 wheels becomes the preferred method of travel, or helping out at my friend's shop, OC all the way. Didn't have that luxery back in NY, as the only time you can OC is at the range, in your home, land, shop, ect., or while afield.

    no interactions good, bad, or ugly, with LE so far. have not been asked\told to leave over it, and have been part in some conversations with others who OC as a result. One at the dealership i picked up my dad's new bike from in NH last weekend. The other in the Erie Sports Store in Millcreek. Spent the morning at a flea market in Waterford OC, then went there on the way back. Stopped at a Sheetz, no one ran screaming, same with the Millcreek WalMart. 90 degree day with a car with an AC that needs to be recharged, and leather seats. That dedicated a CCer I'm not.

    During the stop at ESS, I ran into a guy from MI who OCs there quite often, and our conversation (Started by him) centered around the carry laws in both places, and how they matched and differed overall. That day, I had the Beretta 92 FS OWB at 4:00, Double mag carrier on the left next to the mini Maglight. At the dealership, it was the 6 inch 686, crossdraw in a handmade, tooled, leather crossdraw rig, with a matching double speed loader pouch, Maglight on the left.

    most trouble over OC comes when the OCer looks questionable for some reason. That reason could be looking disheveled (Fresh of the bike in a helmet optional state after running at the back of a pack of older bikes, where you pick up the road grime, leaking oil, bugs, and other road debris) or otherwise less than presentable. (Who ever calls the cops over a guy in a tie, slacks, shoes with a high luster, sportcoat over the shoulder with a nice leather rig, and a pretty looking stainless wheel gun?) Sometimes it's just that member of LE's off day where he has drawn nothing but drunks, addicts, and @$$holes since the start of his shift, so he sees what he wants to see at that point. It could even just be that the last time said OCer was there, he raised a stink over being asked to leave, and how his rights were violated, and that the comfort of others does not trump the 2A. 90% of the time, OC encounters go just as Tall and I both have described, no issues , a pleasant how do, and a nice to meetcha.

    And no folks. I didn't drop off the face of the Earth. Just been in the wind or helping get my friend's towing company back in the black. Don't leave much free time is all.Been down to LA once, NH 3 times, Ohio more than I can count, WV and NY a few times as well. All within the last 2 months. Did a double bike haul from Pembroke NH from Wed. to about 19:00 hours tonight, plus a drop off in NY of dad's 04 VTX 1800. then picking up my 90 VT 1100 from him, (Payment for the haul since dad paid food, gas, and tolls) and taking it and the 68 Norton Commando 750 (Basket case, all parts are there. Winter project :D) and unloading them at the house.The best part for me was not having to load up the 1100. brought the brain bucket to stay legal to the border, had it plated up, and ready to ride before I left. The room mate drove the truck back from there.

    Things are looking better here, so I'll try to get on here more often.
  14. tallbump

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    That's funny the OC guy I saw was at Sheetz.

    And I saw a guy leaving an Erie Sports Store a few weeks ago
  15. greg_r

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    The only thing about our state Walkingwolf, is the common law going armed to the terror of the public. I know it is usually an add-on charge and those that are not seldom go anywhere, but it is still a hassle if you get stopped. The crimes in NC publication show 300 to 400 arrests for this every year. Plus the fact that NC courts long ago ruled that any firearm was unusual and simply carrying could be considered to the terror.

    I think most of the cases are probably from the Charlotte or Raleigh areas, but the last 2 I heard of were Statesville and Greenville.

    I have only had one incident. While at my range a deputy showed up. Said he had to respond because he had a call. It ended up with the deputy and i becoming friends! I was called in on when I was seen walking down our frontage to the range with a slung rifle.

    And I agree with you about the concealed thing. If it is concealed it needs to stay that way.
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  16. talon

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    Is open carry really an issue? In Indiana, our permits give us the right to carry, however we prefer. Open carry is very common and 99.9% of the time goes ccompletely unnoticed.
  17. Bull

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    I almost always spit the open carry guys, but they've never concerned me..... Even if I wasn't an open carry advocate, I've got enough of a functioning brain to realize the guy wearing a gun on his hip isn't going to start trouble..... But he sure as sh*t will finish it!
  18. I spot one from time to time coming out of Gander and F&S. Spotted 3 while at Cabla's in Wheeling last month. In most of the region, OC is fairly common, so folks are use to seeing it, most seem to never even notice.

    now, I still wouldn't do it in Philly or the 'burg, but it is legal anywhere in the state. Legal just doesn't always mean smart is all. LE in both places frown on the practice, so it's better to just blend in with the other sheep.
  19. tallbump

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    It's not an issue to me.

    I actually like it.

    I just don't want the hassle of soccer moms, store managers or uninformed or uncool LEO's so I conceal just so I can go about my day without any possible hassle.

    I will say though that I don't necessarily go out of my way to make sure it's 100% concealed at all times, since PA does allow open carry
  20. ArmyScout

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    I don't know why open carry would be a problem around "gun" people. It would not bother me or any of my family to see people open carry, but they are all gun people.
    It's the "non gun" people where the problem lays. There are millions of people in this Country who do not like guns, are afraid of guns, etc. It's when open carry "forces their agenda" on those people that is the problem. When they do, they are nothing more than gun Bullies.