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Tamer 20 / Tuffy 410

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Does anyone have a H&R Tamer 20 http://www.hr1871.com/Firearms/Shotguns/tamer.asp

Or a Rossi Tuffy in 410 http://www.rossiusa.com/product-details.cfm?id=167&category=10&toggle=&breadcrumbseries=

If so what is your opinion ?

I like the looks of the tamer because it is a 20 ga , and Angel likes the 410 because it is smaller.

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My girlfriend's uncle has one. (the 410) He keeps it on his boat for snakes when he heads out on the river. It is a nice little gun. He keeps it oiled periodically. Contrary to some, the nickel on this does not fully protect against rust.
I bought a NEF Tamer 20 a few yrs ago, it's a very handy / easy to carry little gun. Although NEF only lists a full choke model they are available in modified which is what I have. I found mine at Gander Mountain and have seen several more in modified there since. One thing I have to tell you is that it "kicks" very hard (especially so with 3" shells) and delivers as much if not more recoil as a 12 gauge. I use 28 gauge shells with inserts when I'm going to be shooting it for practice (much more comfortable) and carry 20 gauge shells when I'm out and about.

Another nice option for 410 is the Verney-Carron Snake Charmer, like the Tamer 20 modified it's choked to handle slugs.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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