Tapco 20rd SKS mag

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by bamaboy06, Oct 19, 2007.

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    I finally picked up a couple of Tapco's redesigned 20rd mag at the gun show last weekend.If anyone has a modified sks that accepts hi cap mags these are the ones to buy.I tried them out today and they functioned flawlessly.No problems feeding or cycling like i used to experience with some of the other hi cap mags.If you want a good sks mag,try them out.
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    Those tapco mags were supposed to be by far the best aftermarket magazines, for any SKS, period. I still have a 30 rounder that I wouldnt take to battle in my SKS, with loading it separately or even with stripper clips. Thus, I got good at the stock ten rounder and loading those pretty darn quickly. Now, I prefer them.

  3. These mags are great.

    They have 10 & 15 rounders (same construction) on the way, too. :)
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    Beware of 922 compliance when modifying imported guns.