Tapco Saiga Conversion

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    This is the before picture above

    The conversion picture below


    The conversion was incredibly simple. 3 screws out, 3 screws in, can't beat it. Got the buttstock with the pistol grip from www.saigastock.com for $99.95. Shipping was 7.95 and it took 3 days. I saw another one just like it on another site for 179.95, so you definitely have to shop around. They also sent me a 10% discount coupon for my next purchase. This one conversion makes the Saiga 100% 922r compliant as long as you use Surefire mags or any other USA made magazine.
  2. Looks very nice, but from what I understand, what is usually called an actual "conversion" of the saiga weapons involves moving the trigger assembly forward right next to the mag well, and putting a pistol grip where the trigger assembly used to be.

    When I first got it, I took my S12 shotty and just put a Russian skeleton stock that fit basically like yours does on it at first and changed some parts so it would be compliant.

    But I couldn't stand it, and am going for a full conversion now with all of the bells and whistles.

  3. With this conversion, you don't need to move the trigger assembly at all. The third long screw goes up through the hand grip and through the bottom of the new stock. It feels extremely solid, but I haven't range tested it yet. I was going to get a collapsible stock for it and then I ran across this one. I really wasn't interested in "moving" stuff around, so this fit the bill to a T.
  4. looks good.

    I did the full conversion back to origional Ak config with my roommate and his saiga.

    I made a thread on the full conversion. If you own a dremel and a drill the full conversion is a piece of cake.
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    Cool, that is what I was looking to do on mine at one point.
    I still haven't done anything to my Saiga yet - but I plan on going Ibreevesii's route at some point in the near future.
  6. I would agree thats not really a conversion just a change of the furniture. It looks good though and makes a good option for somebody that doesn't want to start drilling rivets. The main reason I did the full conversion is you get alot better trigger than the stock Saiga trigger. Its also easier to be 922r compliant and use hicap magazines.