Tapco SKS parts

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  1. thegtguy

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    I installed them on the rifle and took them right back off. Decided I like the original military configuration better.

    Tapco Black T6 stock without bayonet cutout
    Tapco Gas Piston
    Tapco Operating Rod
    3 Tapco 20 round magazines
    NcStar SKS Bayonet Lug Mount Bipod

    It's about $180 worth of stuff. How about $160 shipped within reason. (i.e. US except HI or AK)

    ...or make me an offer.



  2. damn!!! I spent too much money on guns, accessories, and ammo. I just got my sks this past weekend, I'd scoop this up in a sec.

  3. Dreamthief

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    man I wish I still had my sks... :(
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  5. elguapo

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    I dunno, I called and told him about it...
  6. neothespian

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    Nice kit. I'd be all over it except for the fact that I need to find a place down here ASAP and money is REAL tight right now. Might have to pass on this myself, although it's a good deal.
  7. Dreamthief

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    well I got my SKS back from the wife of the guy who bought it from me...he got into a smidge of "trouble". I assume the legal kind as she was the one that gave me a call and asked if I wanted to get it back from them. I got it back for half of what I sold it for, so not bad there. kind of nice as I really missed the thing. now I REALLY wish I could get this stuff! LOL