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    Ok, i got em uploaded. I kept the original top piece because i didnt have the tool to punch out the little pin. but into i get a red dot scope, it doesnt matter anyway.


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    That looks kinda cool.

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    yea, it'll look better in da future,
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    Just paint the upper handguard to match. Its a PITA to get it off and i have ruined a couple handguard/gas tube asseblies in the past trying to change them.

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    Nice looking SKS.Just paint the upper hand guard if you don't want to remove it.I have one in the black Tapco T-6 stock.Those 20rd Tapco mags are pretty sweet also.I tried a lot of different high capacity mags and never really had much luck until i bought a couple of those Tapco 20rd mags and they have functioned flawlessly.
  6. I got one....
    [​IMG](shitty cell phone pic, its the only one I got of the red dot)

    And I dont recommend mounting anything on the gas tube, its too loose and your scope will bounce around. if your dead set on it though. Hit up scoutscopes.com...
    It mounts where the rear sight used to be, and is SOLID.
  7. sorry, i just guess i am a c&r purist. nice to meet all you bubbas.
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    I don't care what they all say about you Digger you are all right in my book! :D
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    I recently bought a cool gas piston/handguard for my sks with an integrated picatinny rail. Great deal for 30 bucks, much heavier construction than the original. I'm having trouble finding a link for them (would like to snag a second one).
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    how do you like that Tapco mag? Does it function well?
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    Check out the video on the Tapco website of the guy using one of the mags.That is the way that the mag functions ALL the time.I have not had a single failure to feed since i switched to the Tapco mags.In my opinion,they are the best mag ever made for a converted SKS.
  14. I can't wait to get my own T-6. They make me want to get dressed like Rambo and just prowl through my neighborhood lookin all baddass. :lol:
  15. Hey Maaso, how do those metal mags work out for you? I really want to get some 30 rounders but I keep reading that their junk.