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  1. I would think that you would have to use all the parts to be complyant with the code.

  2. For 922(r) compliance, you more than likely would have to.

    922 (r)

    However, on SKSBoards there was a discussion that the BATFE doesn't count the op rod as a compliance part.
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    I think the SKS should be kept stock... I am not a big fan of the T6 stock
  4. It will still function if you don't change it, but it would be illegal to use the 20 rnd mag if you don't change out those parts. I like the T6 stock because it gives you the ability to upgrade the rifle to a serious SHTF rifle if needed without making any permanent changes to the rifle or orig stock.

    EDIT: I should also mention that I'm partial to expandable stocks in general because I am a larger person so I like a longer length of pull.
  5. Thank for the info guys.
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    I know it isnt a cheap piece, but I think the tapcos just look cheap. The wood furniture just looks so much better, at least in my opinion.
  7. I think they both look pretty nice, but I can understand where you're coming from. Like I said, I like the ability to adjust the length of pull with the Tapco stock, so I'm somewhat biased in the first place :)
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    I am kind of middle of the road when it comes to the old wood stock vs.the new synthetic one.It all depends on what you bought the gun for originally.If it's going in a collection, then leave it like it is,but if you bought it just for the purpose of adding a new stock and other accessories then by all means, have fun with it.I have a couple that i have left in their original form and i have one that has a black Tapco T-6 stock on it.I really like the T-6 stock.From the accessory rails to the adjustable butt-stock it is just very well made.
  9. Was it hard to put in the Tapco stock and do you have any trouble with the magazine? Is your sks a Yugo?
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    Mine is a Yugo.I bought it at my local gun shop back before i got my C&R license.The shop also had a T-6 stock and the guy at the shop told me if i would buy them both he would install it for free.Since i planned on buying an aftermarket stock for it anyway,i figured that it was a good deal.So,i cant tell you much about the installation but when i went back to pick it up the guy at the shop told me that the only problem he had when he changed stocks was getting the piece with the accessory rail to fit onto the gas tube.The magazine is one of the new Tapco 20rd mags and let me tell you that if you have not tried these then you need to pick up a couple of them.I have tried just about every magazine on the market and the Tapco mags are the only ones i will use now.They always function flawlessly.If you have any trouble changing stocks, just get on the SKS board and i am sure that someone there can help you with any problems.
  11. Yeah, everything I've heard so far says it's a snap to get the new stock on, and you can do it without making any perm changes to the rifle.
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    As to the gas tube you do need to do a little metal removal to get the pin out.
    I have mine now about a month and half and am quite happy with the feel and balance I also have replace the stock rear sight wth a Williams peep and that has reduced my groups, but the red dot that i have up front really makes rapid fire strings group nicely.