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    Okay, I'm hoping someone on here can help me. I need some 9mm ammo for indoor shooting at my local range. According to our range rules it has to be lead only, (no jacketed, or hollow points), 1000 fps or less. I thought I had some found, but when I checked the ballistics of my ultramax ammo it is 60 fps over the "speed limit". Any suggestions
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    Do they actually chrorngraph the ammo? Or just ask the range manager for sugestions for useable ammo. Hope this helps.

  3. Welcome to the forum. if they make a stink over 60fps, I would recommend finding another gun range.
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    I will probably just shoot the ammo that I have and take my chances. They do not chrono the ammo. It is actually my local Conservation League of which I am a member. I doubt there will be any problems, I just thought someone might know of other ammo's that would fit the bill.

    Thanks for the Welcome. It was this Forum that helped me decide to get the C9 as my first Hi-Point, instead of the 45. I have had experience with, and actually owned another "compact 9", and they were not near as accurate. All the talk about how accurate the C9 is, convinced me.
  5. Welcome reaHP! Sorry for all the confusion with your user account registration, glad to see we got it worked out.

    One thing to watch when shooting cast lead bullets is to make sure you clean your barrel very well when you're done. Lead bullets have a tendency to foul the lands and grooves in the barrel, leaving you with a mess on your hands if the build up gets out of control.
  6. Roll your own. You could match what they want by reloading. Also Winchester has a 147 Gr at 990 FPS, but its jacketed.
  7. welcome as for your range 1000 you can get BB guns that have faster FPS may be time to look into another range