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    So I was encouraged by Shooter to share my idea with everyone, and although I'm not sure if this is the right subforum, it seems as good a place as any.

    Its an idea that came to me a while ago in part but really ramped up lately with election season.

    Most of the time I just head down to the timber to do my shooting...... plenty of private land with nothing to worry about or bother you. Usually Ive always just done the typical shooting at cans or plastic bottles, tree stumps, or whatever I felt like plinking at that day. Recently I got more into target shooting and even more so since I finally bought a handgun.

    I decided to take the little wire target frame that my daughter had from years ago for her pellet gun. This seemed to be just perfect for those little targets. One major problem with that...... those little frames just dont stand up well when a 9mm hits them.

    This left me with a problem. How can I support a target in the timber without destroying a tree.

    The perfect frames are readily available and usually free, especially this time of year (just after election season).

    Right now all those metal framed campaign signs are coming down and being thrown away. Also many realtors use small metal frames for their yard signs, which often get discarded throughout the year when they show signs of wear or rust (they dont want a weathered eyesore holding their sign). These frames are easy to acquire with a little poking around and asking, and they make great target frames which will last years for that purpose.

    The best part is it really doesnt matter if they are weird shapes or sizes. Just attach cardboard to the frame then attach your targets to the cardboard.

    Of course if you shoot anything like me then you better have more than 1 frame. I usually hit the frames more often than the target.
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    Thanks for the find!...... Not a bad idea at all, and free is a dang fine price!

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    Great idea I am going to see about it here
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    It's not a bad idea. I make my own out of scrap lumber already though. One thing I have seen at my sportsmen's club is the old real estate signs with the heavier metal frames. I won't shoot at them though. I've seen first-hand what a ricochet round off of a metal target stand can do and like to keep the possibility or being on the wrong side of one to a minimum.

    I doubt your campaign signs have much potential for that though.

    Don't have any good pics of my stands but I'll head out to the garage and get some for you as a reference if those campaign signs don't hold up well enough.
  5. I use these all the time myself. They work great and I just staple my homemade splatter targets onto them. I do have a collapsable scrap wood frame I built when I want something more "man height". I just fold it out and staple my 18x24 coroplast sign onto it, then put my target on that. I don't take signs from local businesses who are established, but those fly by night weight loss and insurance signs that I see on the exit ramps of the interstate and littering all the corners of the highways are fair game. The city's just going to take them anyway when they come to cut grass because they're on the public right of way without permission.
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    The wire frames are available at lowes or home depot for around two dollars a piece if you can't find any free ones, not bad considerering how much the targets themselves cost unless you print your own.
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    Everyone is overlooking the obvious "added enjoyment factor" :D

    Shooting at the ugly mug <picture, NSA... Picture Only!> of a gun grabbing poly-tick would be SWEEET!
  8. I Have been using the sign the realtor left in out yard.

    I waited 3 months after the sale. Then i claimed it. :D

    It works well, goes into the ground sturdy without any tools, or killing things.

    as for target prices i see mentioned.

    check out the articles on the main page.
    Kirk did one on DIY splatter targets, they are easy and cheap to make yourself. with about 4 supplies.
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    Do you mean "color change" targets? Like with a black overlay, and it leaves a high-vis ring around the bullet hole? :cool:
  10. yeeeeeesssssssss
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    Need to make tannerite varmints to shoot ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1416368435.161424.jpg