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Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by Tchort, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Tchort

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    Don't go very often but will now make a point to stay away if all possible. Just seen on news target asking customers to not bring guns in. All cause some idiot left gun in toy Isle.
  2. Are they posting or just asking?

  3. mn_doggie

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    Check your facts.

    Different idiots caused this problem.

    The firearm left in the store wasn't the issue that triggered Target's response.

    They are asking people to not bring guns into their store because of the open carry Texas group bringing AR15, AK 47s etc into their store.

    They have said they will not post their stores with signs.
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    So what they are really saying is...keep it concealed, please, and we won't have to act stupid and post signs to appease the libs and antis.

    I can live with that.:rolleyes:
  5. ArmyScout

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    Never been in a Target Store. But politics or pro/anti gun laws do not decide which store I use, that is my decision.
  6. tallbump

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    Yup. Target "respectfully requests that you don't bring your guns". However, they also said they will continue to follow state laws, will not start an official policy saying no guns, and will no post signs.

    All in all, I'm ok with that. I will still conceal carry my handgun in their store. They don't care, I don't care, and the ludicrous, Hoplophobic soccer moms are none the wiser. Target saves face and won't see a hit to their profits.

    Here's the whole thing
  7. MachoMelvin

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    I don't shop there anyways!
    They don't carry 4XXXX-Lg clothes.
    All they carry are kid's clothes 2X & smaller, just like Sam's Club.
  8. SWAGA

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    Concealed carry is exactly that, you carry concealed so nobody needs to know.
    I don't see what the problem is.
  9. harcdaddy

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    They don't want guns in their store but their emblem is a bullseye.....hhmmm.

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  10. I have no problem with what Target did.

    Idiot's wanting to carry rifles around cause more harm than Target and their policy.
  11. Target can suck my balls.

    It ruins the atmosphere? I feel the gun case in my basement has always set the tone and atmosphere my kids safely and happily grow up in.

    The left sees this as a win. As they should. Target isn't actually changing anything but they didn't want to loose all those mad soccer moms.

    I'll stick to Walmart they are promoting american made products still sell guns and ammo At decent prices. And have always said the mad moms can stay mad because they follow all the state and local laws. It's not the stores responsibility to play in politics.
  12. That's funny. I think? Or it's alarming if true.

    I hang out in 2x most comfortably but who knows with a my new job I got a desk, might catch up to you :-/
  13. Wow u guys just went over the entire convo i had w my wife about targets statement this morning.
    Started w/ f u target
    Then it was whatever theyre just tryin to shut up the anti-gun nazis
    Even the bullseye on their sign joke i made.
    If it was posted i might care, but it isn't so i'll continue to not shop there and my wife will continue to spend my money there. They do honor their price check guarantee, found something on amazon on my phone in the store for $10 less than the sticker. They insisted they look it up(didn't trust iphone's internet?) but gave us that price.

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  14. mn_doggie

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    Let us know just how long you can carry a rifle in Walmart before you are asked to leave and not come back.
  15. Bull

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    Don't know how friendly on the rifle they'd be..... But used to see open carry in Walmart in a college town of Warrensburg MO.
  16. mn_doggie

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    If you search the internet, you'll find cases where individual local Walmart store managers have asked open carry handgun people to leave.

    I always carry at both Wally world and bullseye. Always concealed.
  17. Done it twice in the past. havent been asked to leave yet.
  18. HP/C9/45ACP

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    I too have seen open carry in Walmart on several occasions. The local department store where I buy most of my guns will send guns back to the manufacturer for you for repair. I've seen many rifles/shotguns carried into the store by customers then carried to sporting goods in the rear of the store by the unescorted customer.
  19. mn_doggie

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    Here's Walmart's policy:

    Supposedly this policy is still in effect as of Jan 2014

    DATE: Friday, April 16,1999 2:13 PM
    Subject: RE: Firearms

    Thank you for contacting Wal-Mart regarding our concealed handgun policy. Wal-Mart was founded by Sam Walton on three basic principles. Strive for Excellence, Service to our Customers, and Respect for the Individual. It is that respect for the individual that led us to create the current policy pertaining to concealed handguns.

    The following is our policy......If a Wal-Mart customer has been awarded a concealed handgun license by the state government, Wal-Mart will follow the direction of the state. However, if at anytime while on Wal-Mart property, that customer's concealed weapon becomes visible to Wal-Mart associates or customers, Wal-Mart reserves the right to ask the customer to either reposition the weapon so that it will not be visible, to remove the weapon completely or to leave Wal-Mart property. With the exception of law enforcement personnel, Wal-Mart does not allow any exposed weapons to be worn or carried in public view on Wal-Mart property or in Wal-Mart stores. Customers other than law enforcement personnel wearing or carrying a weapon in an exposed manner will be asked to leave the property immediately.

    We appreciate your concern and trust that this message has addressed your concerns regarding this issue.
    Thank you,
    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

    From today's Wall Street Journal:

    Wal-Mart policy allows customers to carry handguns in stores as long as they are legally permitted by state and city laws. Wal-Mart has said employees and customers can alert management if they feel uncomfortable in any situation where a customer brings a gun into the store, and store managers can ask customers to leave guns in the car. The retailer doesn't break out firearm sales
  20. mn_doggie

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    And you were walking around shopping or just returning the rifle to the sporting goods dept?