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    While I bought my 995 TS for steel plate shooting (and just because I thought I ought to have one), I gave it a test on the bench yesterday just to see what it would do. I was more than pleasantly surprised.

    I shoot only handloads in all my pistols. So, I shot targets with three different loads that I currently use for IDPA and USPSA matches. For those who are familiar with Power Factor, all three are between 130 and 135. For those who aren't, these loads are cooler than factory loads. I shot at 25 yards with a bi-pod on my 995 TS and an ATN red dot sight.

    I used 124 gr plated round nose, 125 gr hard-cast lead round nose, and 125 gr poly-coated round nose (Blue Bullets). Are were over [x.y]* gr of Bullseye and Federal primers. The Blue Bullets were by far the most accurate. (The velocity if this load in my CZ 75B is 1059 fps; in the 995 TS the velocity is 1285 fps.)

    The attached target is ten shots. I'm certain the fliers are no fault of the gun. (As I said earlier, I'm 72. That's my excuse for almost everything that's less than perfect.) The "5" circle is two inches; the circle within it is one inch.


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    I'm happy to comply. It won't happen again.
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    Nice shoot'n. Glad you're liking your carbine. Many people have had their opinions on Hi Point changed by the carbine.

    It seems to be pretty common anymore that a new carbine owner will be so impressed with 25 yard accuracy that he'll start experimenting with exactly how far out he can stretch it. Before you know it, he's added a scope and is shooting 100+ yards. Which is pretty cool, but also somewhat amusing because I really don't believe that pistol caliber carbines in general, and the Hi Point carbines in particular, were ever intended for long range shooting. Still, it's fun to see people posting 150 and 200 yard groups. :)

    So... what scope are you planning on slapping on it for the 1,000 yard range. ;) <ducking>

    Do you powder coat your own "blue bullets" or do you buy them pre-coated?

    Peace favor your sword,

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    That's pretty impressive!
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    Nice shooting.

    And thanks for a well written, concise and informative post. We don't get a lot of those LOL
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    Some fine shooting there ! Good on you for reloading 'em.
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    Great shooting.