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Discussion in 'Consumer Reviews' started by SEP, Dec 29, 2015.

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    I wanted to pass on my experience with Target Sport USA.

    As some here know, I'm an agency instructor and I also teach private citizens (I'm very big on law abiding private citizens having their CCW and exercising their 2nd Amendment rights). As such I have periods where I use a good bit of ammunition. Normally I just run down to Walmart because I have four of them within a 15 minute drive and honestly their prices are often hard to beat. However, I get emails from companies like CTD, CDNN, Target Sport USA etc. Target Sport USA emailed a deal on some ammo that I use for training and the price was just a tad lower than Walmart. I hadn't ordered from them before so I figured I'd give them a shot. So I ordered 1000 rounds. I was a bit concerned as it was just before the holidays but their website said the ammo was in stock and if you ordered in the next 'X' amount of hours it would ship that day (12/21/15) and it would arrive 12/24/15. Well, I mistakenly figured they knew what they were doing so I ordered, well within the time frame to have it shipped that day. I had tracking through FedEx and paid the extra for insurance. By the expected arrival date FedEx indicated that only a label had been created. I waited until after the weekend as they were closed. Called yesterday (Monday 12/28/15) and the ammo had not even shipped yet. They apologized and stated on the phone that it would be sent that morning. I got off the phone a little miffed too be honest. I had ordered from other companies in the same time frame and had already received the orders.

    I emailed them (to have a record of the conversation) to let them know they had an unhappy customer (it was a professionally scripted complaint detailing everything and not just a *****-fest letter). I got a last minute end-of-the-day email from a representative (9 minutes before the company closed) that he would 'check the warehouse'. That's all I heard from him. This morning I checked FedEx and nothing had shipped. I see this as a failure to fulfill their stated obligation by shipping the same day, failure to fulfill their obligation to ship when I called 8 days later and failure to professionally follow up on the situation by their CS. And 9 days later the package is still sitting in their warehouse. I called and cancelled the order completely. From the quickness of the call and the sound of the woman's voice I take it that I'm not the only one that has cancelled an order recently. No 'we're very sorry' or 'what can we do to make this right' or anything of the sort. The whole call lasted less than 30 seconds.

    I've had great success with other firearm/ammunition companies. Perhaps others have had success with this one but my first (and only) experience with them was less than professional and unacceptable. I will not order from them again.
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    NE Utah
    Huh...looks like CS needs a boost there.

    I get messing up the first time...but the second and third? Not good.

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    This is a case of the Sales Team making promises that the Manufacturing Team can't meet.

    You see this happen a lot in small companies.

    It often leads to the collapse of the company.

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    I ordered from Freedom just before Christmas. Freedom has stellar reviews from here. It took them 6 days to get it on the UPS truck. I would cut them some slack, the holidays are always tough on sellers.
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    Thanks for the "heads up" David!
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    Freedom did OK, and everyone has the same story, except
    in my case, they called me for some reason, to verify address...
    I told them it was exactly what I had put in, there was no reason to check!
    They also have 2 ladies named "Ashley" or something similar (I forget:p)
    and I sent voice mail to the wrong one, they called back the NEXT DAY and
    finally got it straight. Shipped the day after iirc... lost about a week total.
    But I was ordering 10mm, perhaps they were buying time?

    Ammo looks Great, btw... :cool:
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    I did take this into consideration. But a couple of things I also considered was that they clearly stated that the package would be shipped the same day as the order (placed right when they opened so they had the full day to fulfill their stated obligation). They not only failed to meet their obligation, but 9 days later still had not fulfilled their obligation. That is unacceptable. The other thing is that I ordered other products from other companies and they had no problem with shipping when they stated they would ship and delivery was prompt as a result.

    Not shipping a product after 9 days, that has been paid for (they processed the payment the same day as the order) is completely unacceptable and the mark of a company I don't want to do business with. And the last minute CS email that 'they'd check the warehouse' with no follow up is simply unprofessional.

    I'll stick with companies that I've ordered from that have fulfilled their stated obligation. Or I'll just go to Walmart. The majority of the time they have what I'm looking for right in the ammo case at a price most companies can't match anyway.
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    As small as they look to be, that is pretty poor service. Wonder if they didn't have it actually in stock. If they had given it to Fed Ex, they were doing even Saturday deliveries.

    Googled some reviews on them. Seems that your problem is pretty common with them most of the time. Some say they had their credit cards charged this fall and never did get their ammo. Looks like a place to avoid.
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    I wondered about them having it in stock. The day I ordered the website stated that they had 90+ boxes. My order was 20 boxes so I figured it was a safe bet. I got curious after reading your post and took a look at the current listing. Low and behold it now states it is out of stock.

    Makes you wonder...

    And yep, definitely a place to avoid.