Tasco Red Dot with weaver for $19.99 DOTD

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  1. gallogj

    gallogj Member

    I can't speak for the quality of these...but they claim you can shoot up to .357 magnum with it. I'm in for one...thought I'd share it...not sure if it'll last long.

    Tasco Red Dot 1 x 30mm rifle scope
  2. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    It also says it works on shotguns up to 3 in shells. Man, if they have those tomorrow, (payday) I may have to try it.

  3. gallogj

    gallogj Member

    I just got mine

    Not bad. A little wear on the outside (rubber coating). Well worth the price. Very bright red dot!
  4. jniedbalski

    jniedbalski Member

    I have one of these and if seems to hold up good so far . Will try it out again tomorrow at the 50 yard Range and 75

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  6. SWAGA

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    Daaaaamn......I have three (!) guns that are each cheaper then those......

    * faint *
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    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    LOL!!! , but if you want clear/crisp glass you gotta pay for it
  8. How is your scope working out gallogj?
    I am not sure I want one but for $20 I could see how it works out.
    I dont want to get rid of the iron sights though.
    I may look into a see through mount so I have both options.
    The mounts will probably cost more then the scope :rolleyes:
    Really like the Vet's suggestion but out of my price range at the moment.
  9. lklawson

    lklawson Staff Member

    I bought one and loaned it to a friend to try out on his new AR. I'll have to ask him how it's working.

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  10. moona11

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    What kind of discount? Might get one if its worth it.
  11. wganz

    wganz Supporting Member

    Rule of thumb is that your glass should cost at least 10% more than your iron.
  12. GoesBang

    GoesBang Supporting Member

    I got one of the RedDots today in the mail.

    I love free shipping.

    Didn't realize that it didn't come with batteries.