Taurus 1911 or 24/7 ?

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  1. Which would you buy or what gun that is in the same price range ?

    I overheard a dealer telling a customer that Taurus purchased the old machines/dies that used to be used for making the S&W's, same gun with minor changes for $200 less, is this true ?

    Or should I just save up and get a S&W, Glock or Ruger ?
  2. Ari

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    If you go to Taurus sight they have the whole history posted

  3. Joe Sixpack

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    well taurus factory started out as a beretta factory, this is why they sell 92's that look like earlier beretta designs.

    if you read the history on the taurususa website you'll see.

    it started out as a contract for the brazilian army berretta won they had ot use brazian labor.

    after the contract was up beretta sold to taurus.. publicly they never gave any money to beretta it's unknown if anything was paid privately, a common misinformation is that taurus licensed the design from berretta which is incorrect.

    however they did make an agreement not to sell taurus made 92/99's in the USA for 10 years.

    there was a time when the holding company for taurus also owned a large stake in S&W, the companies still ran independently however notes was shared between the two.. however taurus claims must more was passed to S&W then the other way around.

    you can see the S&W influence in some of their revolvers infact taurus has a tendanacy to copy other designs.

    i've never heard of taurus buying S&W equipment.. however it is possible and even plausible that they could/would have.

    their revolvers are excellent in design and are very nice.. however and this is the turd on top of the sundae, their QA is extremely sporadic so if you buy a revovler from them expect to take 30 mins looking it over because i had to look at 3 specimens before i found a decent tracker, and although it shoots fantastic it still has some minor issues NIB.

    their autos have a much better reputation, my 92 fires great and is extremely reliable, it handles like my berretta 92 and has all the good qualities of hte berretta, however and this includes not just autos but their revolvers taurus is notorious for cutting corners on machining.. so under grips and behind levers an internals tend to be rougher then you'd like to see..

    the fit and finish is not as good as some of the other brands and i liken them to "field grade" every bit as functional but rough around the edges.

    i know nothing of their rifles.

    now as for 1911 vs 24/7

    completely different guns, btw colt was the original maker of the 1911.. however anyone can freely manufacture them now and many do.

    i would go for the 1911, im planing on getting one at some point it's down to a taurus or a para ordinance..

    always go with the stainless model if you can, their blue/black finish is not known to be all that great.
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    A lot of people will disagree with me, but I will say go with the 24/7.
    They are ridiculously well reviewed & have a lot of features. I am a huge fan of the single to double action I have on my 9mm pro.
  5. Ari

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    Get a Rock Island 1911. Classic arms has the hard chrome for $399 and regular finished guns for $359

  6. doktor

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    w 19117s
    I have to agree, I have the Rock Island 1911 and it is more accurate, (in my hands) than my S&W 1911, I know that any 1911 has to have many, many rounds to be "right" , but out of the box the Rock Island @ 15 yards 6 rounds would pretty much blend together, they are almost half the price of the S&W, I have a lot more rounds through the Rock than the Smith, more rounds may show an improvement, and very likely will.
    Comparing the two weapons, 24/7 and any 1911 is kind of like apples and oranges, both fruit, both good in their own right. I own a 24/7 as well, so I am able to compare both through my own experience. The 24/7 will beat you up more than the 1911.
    Any 1911 even the newer 9 mm, is going to be much heavier as a carry weapon than the 24/7, and because of the weight difference, felt recoil with the 24/7 is higher and is slower to get the 2nd shot off with accuracy.
    If recoil isn't the going to be part of the equation, and your whole decision comes down to weight 24/7 hands down.

  7. The 1911-- in a minute- although the 24/7 is nice-

    check this out--


    You can find out everything Taurus related...

    Good sight, good guys (and Gals!)

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    depends on what your into i guess... im one of those guys that has to be different so im not a big 1911 fan being as everyone and thier grandma has one. they are nice guns but i would go for a 24/7 OSS over anything short of a full custom 1911
  9. I would say the 24/7. Just dont have alot of experience with the 1911 platform.
  10. Thayldt21

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    Splurge and get an XD.. XD XD XD.

    If Glock was an option get the gun that out glocks the glock.

    Other than that if 1911 is what your heart is set on then Listen to the other guys. I am not one to know much about them.

  11. I have to cast my vote with the RIA 1911. As I personally own one, I can tell you how great they shoot. I love mine.