Taurus 24 7 or Ruger P345....???????

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    Hey guys....got the stimulus check coming in, and I dont know what type of pistol to get. I have already made my mind up that I want a .45. I was considering the Hi-Point but honestly I want a pistol that is not as big and bulky. I went to the gun store and held both the Ruger P345, the 24 7 Pro, and the Millenium Pro and I dont know which one to get. Im leaning toward the Ruger but all three are great guns. Just some help from some of you guys who may have experience with these pistols. This is my first handgun and I need some input. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Personally I like the metal framed guns with hammers so i would go for the P345 myself.

    I honestly have not had any problems with my Rugers at all so far and I have 7 Ruger handguns currently.

    My son has a Taurus 92 and while I love the gun, when we bought it new, the trigger stuck back after you pulled the trigger. I had to detail strip the gun down and use a fine file to remove some metal that wasn't removed from the trigger well that was supposed to be removed by the factory.

    After that was done, his Taurus has been flawless.

  3. i loved my ruger p97dc...i sold it. AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
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    My Ruger P345 is the most reliable & accurate pistol I have shot.
    I absolutely LOVE it & can't recommend it enough.

    I also have a Taurus 24/7 Pro in 9mm Longslide. I like it but lately it's been giving me problems on and off and I still HATE the Henie sights. First I couldn't eject unfired rounds by racking the slide & it wasn't extracting shells properly. Called Taurus, they sent me a new guide rod & all was well for a bit. Last time I went to the range it was shooting dirt at 30 yards. I couldn't believe it. I had 5 different people shoot it to make sure it wasn't me. Sure enough it wasn't. I suspect the new guide rod is somehow not locking with the barrel correctly & throwing off the aim. Gonna send the thing to Taurus - hopefully they can sort it out for me.

    So... even though I DID like my Taurus very much I can say given the choice between the two, knowing what I know now... I'd get the Ruger P345. It's just a great firearm.
    In fact I am contemplating selling the 24/7 and grabbing a Ruger SR9. :)

    Edit: this post may have sounded a little more anti-Taurus than I really feel. I am just bummed that a firearm I really liked suddenly started giving me problem after problem. That said, I'd still go with the Ruger.
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    I am leaning towards the RUGER, everywhere I turn I hear nothing but good things about them. I have read reviews and am pleased with what I hear. One thing that I can say is all three weapons feel absolutely GREAT in my hands. I love all of them. I really am considering the Ruger though, and I think im gonna go ahead and put one on layaway. Plus I absolutely do not understand the HEINE sights. Can someone inform me on how they work or operate, im used to the original three-dot sight system. That is one major drawback for me in going with the Taurus. I also have another question....if I do not have my handgun permit yet, can I not put the gun on layaway. DO I HAVE TO HAVE A PERMIT JUST TO PUT THE GUN ON LAYAWAY...??? I do understand when I go to pick the gun up I need one. If anyone can answer my questions it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you....
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    Love my 24/7 and have had no problems. Haven't shot the Ruger before, so I have nothing to compare the two. Mostly I just wanted to give all the Taurus pistols a confidence boost!
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    Can you or someone speak on the Heine sights for me...I dont understand how they work exactly...?
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    Henie sights are POI (point of impact sights) meaning that the front dot is the actual impact point of the bullet. When aligned correctly the two dots form an elongated 8 with the front dot - for this reason Henie sights are also sometimes called "straight-8" sights.
    This is different than many firearms traditional 6-0'clock. Meaning the target is just above the blade of the front sight.
    I dislike POI sight as I really like to see what I am shooting at so that helps contribute to my dislike of the heinie system.
    There is some research to suggest that the human eye can more quickly align 2 vertical dots as opposed to three horizontal.
    This may be true if a person only shoots firearms with this type of sight, but I always have to go through an adjustment phase when I take my 24/7 out at the range.
    A lot of users over at taurusarmed.net also talk about a tendency of 24/7s to shoot a little low and left, and I too have experienced this. It's something you can get used to, and adjust for, but I have been contemplating getting the sights replaced since I purchased the firearm.

    Oh, one more thing that you may not know. the 24/7 in .45 cal (which I assume you are looking at since you were debating between that and the Ruger p345) is the only 24/7 model that does not have the rubber grips that the other 24/7 models do. Just something to think about - it's not a big deal, you can always buy a slip on rubber grip for it.
  9. never shot the24/7 but have had a chance to shoot a P345 and it was one sweet mother, :)