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My wife wants a revolver for CCW. She has tried a few of my .38 snubs including a circa 1984 model 60 steel gun and does not like the recoil. She likes the KT P32 for capacity and weight but has fired her girlfriends and got 3 FTF on one magazine. Her friend has had problems too, so the wheelgun is her choice. Do any of you know about this Taurus 6 shot.32mag? She said either this or a .22 revolver :shock: so I think this is a better choice in caliber. She only carries pepper spray now so my feeling is that any gun is better than nothing. I would want her to carry at least a .38 but it's her choice. Thanks.

Here is a link to the gun.


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If nothing else, get her the Taurus Model 86 featherlight in .38 Special. That thing is a great CCW gun and it's very recoil manageable.
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