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  1. A guy I work with is selling his Taurus revolver. He's used it for CCW and purchased it from a retired Deputy. He said there was a little wear on the barrel that the original seller offered to re-blue but he passed on it. I know without pics it's hard to say what it's worth. Can someone give me a range so I know if this guy's in the ballpark when he shoots me his price? I've been looking for something that I could CCW and this might just fit the bill. He said he'd bring it in next week so I could see it and I might be able to get some pics of it then. Just curious as to what the price range on something like this might be. I figured someone on here either has one or has had one and would be knowledgeable on it. Thanks.
  2. Do you know the model and other specifics of the gun? Just with that, we could give you a ballpark figure of what it would go for used.

  3. All he said was Taurus .38 revolver that this deputy used. He did say it had a 2" - 2 1/4" barrel if that helps. I'll get more info from him next time I talk to him. He goes to nights and won't be back on days until next Friday.
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    Taurus revo's are top notch in quality. IMHO right up there with smith and Colt. Ive worked on a couple and shot more than a few and ALL were excellent pieces. As for price, id say anywhere from 175-300$ isnt out of line for used depending on condition.

  5. I sold my Taurus 85 CH for $250. Stainless, 2 1/8" barrel, bobbed hammer, 5 shot. I carried it as a back-up when I was a reserve deputy. Good gun. Sold it to buy my CZ RAMI 9mm.
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    I would say, depending on the finish....Blued in good condition I'd offer him $200 to 225. If it's Nickel $250 would be a good offer.

    They're great wheelguns and durable to boot. Would be a good buy if you can get it.
  7. This is mine, retails NIB $225-$300
  8. That little revolver Taurus357 has is a great shooting pistol too. Accurate as all get out with just about any ammo we fed it, to include reloads.
  9. He brought it in today for me to look at. He's only asking $150. I've got cash on the way from my CU. I looked at the model but couldn't remember what it was by the time I got back to my desk. By searching the Taurus website I've got it narrowed down to an 85b. It's a .38 Special that holds 5 rounds. His wife forgot he had it and bought him a .357 to carry so he didn't need this one. It's got a little wear on the barrel and cylinder from when the deputy used it as his service firearm. Pics tonight as soon as I get home.
  10. Buy it!!! you know you NEED it!!!!
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    A Taurus for $150? Buy it.
  12. As promised. Here's the pics. Now just to get some ammo so I can get it out to the range. He even threw in the Uncle Mike's holster that he got with it. Not sure what model it is but it's plastic, OWB and quick release.

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    Do your self a favor and pass on the Taurus. Buy a new Ruger GP100 or buy a Smith&Wesson.

    Keep in mind I am a Semi Auto fan, not a revolver fan. But I just purchased a Ruger GP100 stainless 4". The revolver is great. And I don't even like revolvers.

    Had two Taurus revolvers and had to many problems with them, which may be why I don't normally like revolvers.
  14. I had put back $150 to buy a Hi-Point .40 from my cousin. My dad bought it and when I went to pick it up, he didn't want to let it go (like I could blame him.) Since I already had the $150 put back and he only wanted $150 it seemed like it was meant to be. I already catch myself looking at it constantly. I had to put it on the top shelf in the closet to keep myself from fondling it. He bought it from a deputy with the county sheriff's department so I'm guessing it's reliable. The only reason he was selling it was because his wife bought him a new .357 to ccw. Passing on it is not an option since it's already here. The only question now is how long before I can save up and take the ccw class so I can carry this bad boy every day. By the posts leading up to this a Taurus for $150 is a steal so I'm feeling pretty good about my purchase.
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    And it has a life time warranty too!