Taurus 809?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Kiln, Apr 27, 2014.

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    Looking to potentially buy one of these in a few months. They're available locally for less than $400. I like the feel and features, now I want to know if anyone has any experience with this model either good or bad.

    You guys think it's a good buy? So far I've had great experiences with Taurus but I'm wondering if anyone owns or has fired this model and what they think of it.
  2. I wouldn't, but that is just me. I can buy a SDVE for a smidgen over 300, or a M&P for a smidgen over 400 I can't justify 400 for a Taurus. In the same price range or close I would buy the higher quality gun every time.

    Now Hi Points are not in the 200 or less price range, and I would buy them over a Jimenez or a Cobra any day of the week. The only reason we have a JA 380 is because HP does not make a small pocket 380, and it is what the wife wanted. She even picked it over a LCP. She did not like the long trigger pull on the LCP.

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    Kiln, I think I understand why you posted your question. Let me take a shot.

    1. If you like something, then the opinion of others should not matter.
    2. If you think that you are paying a fair price for something, then it is a fair price.

    There are hundreds of reasons to buy or not buy a given item. What I can tell you is that price is not necessarily an indicator of quality [as you define it]. I know of Kimbers that are junk and Hi-Points that are jewels. The markets for these guns are probably not the same people.

    I have the Sigma SW40VE and love it in spite of the fact that it is one of the most bashed guns on the internet. Taurus is not Smith & Wesson, but I own the PT709 Slim and it is a GREAT carry gun. Never had a hiccup out of it.

    If you want the 809 and think it is fairly priced I think you are good to go. Let us know how you like it once you have some rounds through it. :)
  4. I own a PT840 (same frame in 40S&W) and haven't had any issues with it - reliable and accurate as I can be. BTW, I currently own 7 Taurus firearms and wouldn't shy away from purchasing another but that's me - your mileage may differ. :rolleyes:

    In addition, Taurus uses the same frame for the PT845
  5. OP, keep an eye out for sales. You might find a new one on the light side of $350. I bought a used one, in very good condition, for under $300.

    In addition, check online reviews of the PT809 and visit TaurusArmed.net to see what actural owners have reviewed.

    Taurus bashers remind me of Hi-Point bashers - most have never owned one or even shot one.
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    Yeah I've shot the SDVE and even with the improved models, the triggers are beyond bad. They're quality guns but I've been spoiled by light triggers with short reset on the XDM and CZ75 as well as it's clones.

    I've read that the 809's trigger is great and with the other features I've read about I'm really considering buying it.
  7. Have you tried one with an apex trigger kit? It really makes it have a light smooth pull.
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    I haven't. How much is the trigger upgrade?
  9. I want to say just the spring kit is around $20, but i went with the full on upgraded trigger which was $40ish. It made the entire gun worlds better. It can easially compete with my glock and xds triggers now.

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  10. bry, how did you end up with a black slide? The ones I've seen and owned, all had stainless slides.
  11. The sdve models are stainless, the sd models are black.
  12. IMO, the all black SD model is nicer looking. Being old school and now an old fart, I've always preferred blue/black handguns over stainless.
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    I agree! Not only does the black look better but he black generally has a lower price point.