Taurus 92 or 99

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  1. leo 1287

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    Does anyone here have any experience with the Taurus 92 or 99. Looking for a hi-capacity 9mm, already have 2 HiPoint 9mms. I really like Berettas, kind of pricey though.
    Taurus has lifetime warranty, but how is reliability?

  2. A while back I had a taurus 92af, it had an alloy frame and a stainless steel slide. It was utterly reliable, it fed anything and it hit what I was shooting at. It was also a breeze to maintain, since it has the simplest take down I have ever dealt with. All in all, it is a great gun.

    Heck, now I kinda wish I'd kept it.

  3. Ari

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    A few others you might look at...

    I think the XD9 is top notch all the way! If that is to pricey look at a CZ75b


  4. andrew241

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    CZ makes some real high quality arms, my dad has a cz 40p and its one awesom piece. I have shot the 75 model and its awesome. I like what I have read about the XD's but have yet to shoot one or fondle one.
  5. I do love my CZ, and it would be an excellent choice. It's the gun I used for my CCW qualification.
  6. hpman

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    I love my pt92af. Just got it a couple weeks ago so don't have that much info. But it is nice, very easy to field strip and well made. Backed up by a lifetime warranty like hipoints, can't go wrong in my opinion.
  7. Taurus=Good That's all I got to say.
  8. leo 1287

    leo 1287 Guest

    The reason I am considering the Taurus is because of the longer sight radius, it is longer like the Beretta.
    I have a few .380s in Beretta, a Bersa, and a HiPoint for the wife.
    Have 2 HiPoints in 9mm and want a large frame, hi-capacity for myself.
    Have heard good things about the Taurus.

  9. Taurus makes damn fine autos and wheel guns. That particular model is made with Beretta machines. Don't remember the exact story, but basically the factory that Beretta owned in Brazil closed down and was bought by Taurus who started making a copy of the M9 with a lower price tag and a better warenty. I have fired several and they performed better then the beat up POS ones I had used while deployed, but that was because they were so beat up and worn. Point is they are good guns. With all of that said, if you're looking for a good hi-cap 9mm, I would HIGHLY recommend looking into a Springfield XD. That platform has one of the most ergonomic grip angles ever (same as a 1911 I believe). All depends on your price point and which one is most comfortable.