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    Wife said no more guns after AK 47 purchase, this right after buying her a Bersa T380.
    Well hell, have 2 HiPoint 9mms and 1 380, and decided I needed a hi-capacity 9mm.
    Went to my local gun shop (owner and I agree that the shit is coming down soon) and was able to trade an Air 403 (old model wind generator new in the box) for a Taurus 92. Have not shot it yet. Wife won't be able to tell the difference (hopefully), have quite a few guns and they all look the same to her. No money spent so I can probably pull it off.
    Tell you how it shoots in a few days.

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    Pics, amigo :)

    A wind generator? Dang...tough choice, for myself. But, I am a bit of a packrat...

  3. Ari

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    Alright then! LOL I can tell you are wearing pants though they are tricky ones LOL
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    As a new pt92 owner myself, congrats. It's nice having 17 rounds in 1 mag. Picked up a 15 rnd promag this week for $18, the taurus mag was $44 at Bass pro shops. Haven't been to the range to test the promag yet but I love my pt92.
  5. I have had a PT92-AF for several years now and have been incredibly satisfied with it. Some say its weight is a draw back. While that coupled with the size may be a drawback for concealed carry it does allow for reduced recoil and much quicker follow up shots... I also have a fondness for the frame mounted safety...

    Overall it is a great firearm... I have never had any mechanical issues with it and it has eaten thousands of rounds...

    My only complaint is the finish could be a bit more durable. My kydex holster has severely worn the finish in a few places and the cocking serrations on the slide have shown some rust. I did find that dry spray silicone protected it better than traditional oils...

    You have a mighty fine firearm on your hands....