Taurus Agrees To $39 Million Settlement In Defective Pistol Case

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  1. just wanted to pass this along incase we have any Taurus owners who hadn't seen or heard of this yet.


    "Brazil-based handgun maker Taurus has agreed to a $39 million settlement in a class action lawsuit alleging some of the company's most popular semi-automatic handguns can discharge when dropped and have a defective safety that allows the gun to fire even when it's engaged."
  2. Bull

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    Whew!.... Not mine!

  3. Visper

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    Well damn... I have a 24/7 .40... looks like a call to Taurus is in my future!!
  4. Mine are safe....
  5. Kiln

    Kiln Member

    That's too bad, some of their most comfortable and compact designs are on that list.
  6. histed

    histed Supporting Member

    OK, that answers my questions about buying a 111. Guess I'll go with the KT P 9 or P 11.
  7. Kiln

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    The P11 isn't technically drop safe. A hard enough drop on the muzzle could cause it to fire because of the design. The PF9 is, if I remember correctly, but it is much less comfortable to shoot than the P11 and has a lower capacity.
  8. fatal-bert33

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    The article says the G2 models arent included in the recall. The current model PT111 is a G2. I have one...lol !!!
  9. Glad to see that because I really like my PT111 G2. Even thinking about buying another one for my wife.
  10. ArmyScout

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    I have been aware of the Taurus unsafe drop law suit for some time. Decided at that time not to buy any semi-auto. But I recently did buy a Taurus .357 revolver. Excellent pistol.
  11. moona11

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    They are nice guns I like the blued upper and green lower myself
    PM if you want more help
    Signed your
    Daddy :p:p:p:rofl::rofl::rofl: