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  1. tallbump

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    You seen this thing yet?

    First Look: Taurus Curve



    Personally, for me, it's thanks but no thanks. First of all it's too small for my hand. I understand that most of these specialty conceal pistols are, but they're not for me. Also, not a fan of the .380. I'd rather pay less for 9mm.

    But, I can see this being a good conceal carry for folks who like the small frames and don't mind the .380. Good rival or option instead of the Bodyguard?
  2. Yeah, I don't know about that. Very cool idea, but that was the first thing I thought too, was the handle was pretty non-existant. Neat gun, hope they sell a ton so the idea gets refined.

  3. lklawson

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    I'll say this for it, it's innovative.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the frame being arched like that. I guess I'd have to shoot it, but it sure looks like it would make it less comfortable to shoot, or even hold on to.

    I don't mind the point-shooting design. That seems to be the way most non-LEO self defense works anyway, regardless of what Front Sight and similar training schools want to teach. Short range, instinctive aiming.

    I'm going to watch this one.

    Peace favor your sword,
  4. undeRGRound

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    Might be a good B.U.G. if one was already 380 armed or did not mind adding the caliber. Looks good for Pocket Carry :D ...and this one is made in U$A!
  5. You say that, until you shoot 9mm out of a 10oz gun. and then hand it to your wife as a CCW.

    SNAPPY really freaking snappy

    The price of .380FMJ is less than the price of you wife hating the gun.

    as for the gun, i love the innovation. I would also like to shoot one. I love the bare bones idea and the laser/flashlight built in.

    But i think it will suck to shoot. kind of like the Double tap .45ACP

    But in this world it is Innovate or Die.

    unless your name is Colt/ Kimber than you take an old proven design, make it out of stainless or nickel plating, Charge double. And wait for the money to start falling from the sky.
  6. SWAGA

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    Let me be the first to ask the obvious, they have one that curves 'the other way' for lefties?
    Just an opinion but I think it's a useless gimmick....
  7. wganz

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    Just carry it upside down! :p
  8. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    Great points. Honestly, I have never fired a .380. A friend here locally has the HI Point 380, I'll have to try it sometime. I definitely agree that these small, .380 pistols have a practical purpose and there is obviously a market for them. I am simply saying for me, personally, it's not my thing. TO be fair, I don't like any of the pocket rockets..SW Shield is about as small as I can comfortably go. I need something I can get my bottom finer on. I'd rather carry a something a touch bigger to get that extra grip. But that's just me.

    I wondered about the left thing too.
  9. Branth

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    That's... interesting.

    I'm with Kirk. It's innovative, for sure. I am kinda dubious about the curved frame and no iron sights, and I'm also dubious about "no holster needed," especially when there's no manual safety. I predict a number of accidents involving chapstick, pens, etc pulling the trigger in the pocket. It's conventional wisdom to make sure your gun pocket is otherwise empty, but people are stupid.

    I wonder if they gave it a super-heavy trigger pull to compansate?
  10. Moestooge

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    This one looks like a big hit or a huge flop.
  11. SWAGA

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    Big hit I predict......

  12. planosteve

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    Looks like Colt is going to default on their debt this week. They relied too much on the M4 contract and when they lost that there went most of their money. Someone will buy the name but Colt as most people know it will probably not survive.
  13. In that case, i take back my "unless your names it" statement.

    and simply say

    In this world you Innovate or Die.
  14. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    Colt ignored the consumer market and hasn't had a new product in years, so yes they did not innovate and they are currently on life support. I believe they go into default today and then have a 30 day grace period. After that instead of having to pay 10.X million to the creditors they have to pay the full 200 plus million. Debt for Colt is currently trading at less than 30 cents on the dollar. Will post links in a minute.
  15. planosteve

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  16. papataylor

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    Hey! You don't say that!

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  17. cicpup

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    Does it fire a curved bullet?

  18. HiPointArmorer

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    Depending on the price point, it will sell very well amoungst CHL holders. I still like my Taurus TCP, mainly because it was inexpensive and was reliable. Very easy to conceal.
  19. planosteve

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    The gun is liberal as it bends to the left.