Taurus Millenium Pro 380

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  1. Anyone know why Taurus quit making this gun? Looks very nice with the 12+1 capacity. Most 380's are only 7 or 8 rounds for smaller carry. I like this one because of the larger capacity and the larger handle that goes along with that, but I was curious why they quit making it.

  2. Not sure why they quit. But if you are in the markey for a larger .380 check out the Bersa thunder Plus .380 it holds 15rds. I beleive the normal thunder has 10rd mags available.

  3. I've seen the Bersa's Icback and when I handled one at a gunshow a long time ago, it didn't fit my hand real well. I don't know if I was handling that 15 rounder Plus, though.... that may be a good option. Looks like the ONLY option for a higher capacity 380 unless you want to get into the big bucks. Next gun show I go to I'll be looking for that Bersa.
  4. Looks like the magazines are a bear to get for the Bersa. I don't see them in stock anywhere.
  5. That sucks, I havent looked for them. I have a friend with a bersa that i like. but its the normal model only holds 8rds. I would imagine the plus would come with a mag and then you would have to buy them from bersa.
  6. For a long timne there hasnt been a demand for a large .380. the general thought was just buy 9mm its cheaper, more powerfull why not?

    Lately latley a lot of women have been getting in to shooting and a lot more people looking for .380's hopefully the manufactures listen, and the ammo prices go down
  7. I'm sure you're right. I may just end up with the S&W M&P Bodyguard 380 since I've got several of the M&P line. I just hate paying $300-400 for a 6 round weapon when I've already got my EDC covered. More of just a want than a need. :)
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    It's my understanding that the 638 is a Gander Mountain exclusive. I'm pretty sure the 638 is still produced for sale in countries where anything larger that 380 is verboten.