Taurus PT 1911

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    This is the new arrival in the family. With 100 rounds through it, it is a very sweet shooter. This model also has the acessory rail. Plan to put "nitesiters" on the heine sights. A little modification to a set of rosewood grips, this will be the gem. Now don't get me wrong, the C-9 and the S&W 40 are shot just about everytime at the range with no hitches. C-9, 600 plus rounds, S&W 40, 400 plus rounds.
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    Post a picture if you can and let us know how it is after you get another few hundred rounds thru it. You are the first on this board I think that has one. We are all looking for an unbiased truthful review from a member. A PT1911 is going to be my next firearm. Congrats & Good Luck.

  3. My brother bought one last weekend.
    He put 5 mags through it and the safety had destroyed itself.
    He loved the pistol and said it shot great but he took it back and traded it for a XD-45.
    His buddy bought one from the same place at the same time and his worked perfectly.

    Keep an eye on it since it may just be a bad spring issue.
  4. Ari

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    It got very good reviews.. I have handled one, but shot it.. Congrats

    And where are your photos? :wink:
  5. Love my Taurus

    I carry a 111 pro and I've put 1000 rounds through it without a hitch.
    My wife loves it so much she's gonna let me get a new 40 just so she can carry it.
  6. bud

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    Re: Love my Taurus

    I've been trying to find the trigger pull on the PT111 Pro, can you help me with that?
  7. Re: Love my Taurus

    I'll try to find it. It's not bad, I've fired it about 1000 times :)
  8. Congrats on the new toy - pics on their way I'M SURE????!!!!!

    When I was sizing up my last gun, I read a lot about the Taurus 1911 and most of it was VERY positive. No surprise you find the same. Stay Safe.