Taurus PT111 bargain alert

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by bigjohn56, Sep 15, 2015.

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    GunBuyer.com has the Taurus Millennium G2 9mm for $199.99 shipped. There is a $50 rebate from Taurus making the net cost $149.99 plus whatever your FFL charges.

    In my humble opinion that's a great deal.
  2. make sure to double check that.
    Kygunco.com usually had them for $199. and now there flyer say's $199 (after mail in rebate)

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    Yeah, I checked it and I appreciate your concern.
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    that's an awesome price
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    You paying attention Tall?
    Deals are out there !!!
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    I got mine last week from cabelas for $264 but used my points so cost me 185. Sold my c9 with some accessories for $200 so im happy. Put 150 rounds threw it and love it. I will miss my c9 though just couldn't carry it well.
  8. there seems to be quite the exodus of Taurus products going on right now.
    Not sure what they are planning.

    either way, grab them if you have the cash.
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    I was thinking that when I saw this :D

    lsi1 just sent me a text the other day on a sweet deal, either a TCP or LCP, can't remember.

    I am probably just going to wait to tax time, set the cash aside and wee what deal I stumble across
  10. Vance' Outdoors in Columbus had the PT-738 .380 TCP for a $179.99 awhile back don't know if that sale is still going on or not.
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    Kentucky Gun has it for $184.99 with free shipping. They do charge extra for credit cards.